Please, can you make the holidays brighter  
for the Humane Society of Louisiana's 'misfits' this year?

Far, far away, a winding road leads from New Orleans to a sanctuary in the countryside.  It's an island of compassion, where lonely and unwanted animals
wait for special Santas to give them loving homes.
Some of them may not be perfect, but they are all loved.  Each year at the
holidays, we tell you some of their stories and ask for your help.


young Snapple  
Hi I'm Snapple. I came to the sanctuary four years ago - this is me as a tiny kitten with a broken leg.  I was so excited to be adopted, but after all those years, my  family returned me to the humane society in October..

Snapple at 4 years old
This is me today. I still have a weak leg, so I don't walk very well.  I don't like other cats, and while I do like affection, sometimes I swat.  "You'd have a bad attitude, too, if your family returned you to the shelter!  I sure wish I could find a real home for the holidays!"

My name is Minnie, and I was neglected all my life. I'm too elderly and frail to be adopted, but it's so nice to finally be loved and cared for by humane society supporters like you.

Hi my name is Kelsey and I'm 16.  I was dumped at a shelter by my dying owner's daughter.  Everyone rallied to help me - someone even sponsored the surgery and dental work I needed so badly.  I may be toothless now, but I'm looking forward to relaxing at the sanctuary in my comfy new bed this holiday season.

Jeeter at Christmas  
I'm Jeeter, and  I'm blind.  I never let my disability hold me back from enjoying life and being a normal dog!!  I just need the perfect family to love and care for me.


Hi I'm Tara.  Everyone says I'm a pretty girl, but they also say my behavior's a little unpredictable.  (OK, sometimes I snap!).  I'm one of 109 animals at the sanctuary, who were rescued during Katrina.  Many of us are still at the sanctuary, because of health or behavioral issues.  Still, my Christmas wish is to find a loving home: there's still a chance there's a place for me with just the right person.


Hi I'm Dumbledore, and I was rescued from severe neglect.  I have special needs because of my broken beak, but I have a great place to swim and waddle around, where the humane society crew can look after me.

An Update on Last Year's Misfit Pets

Scout 2011
We're happy to report that black cat ITTY BITTY was adopted to a loving home in Maine, along with his buddy MR. JONES.  Pretty CASSIE, our anxious border collie mix, is still looking for that special someone.  She'll be keeping busy in the barn this Christmas; she's got her own 'apartment' there, with lots of room to run and play.  Cassie helps keep those horses in line, too!  Speaking of horses, our 'pasture ornament", FURY, is recovering well from his leg injury.  He loves hanging out and galloping around with his new best friend, DIXIE.  FIREBALL, our beautiful one-eyed cat, is still hoping for a family.  While he waiting, he's looking forward to the new housing areas we're planning to build in 2012.   Elderly TIKI has been spoiled rotten since last Christmas.  Though his health is failing, our little Pomeranian pal is looking forward to enjoying the holidays with us once more.

Friendly SCOUT (pictured above) still suffers from a blood disorder, but but he's been adopted by a staff member.  That means he still gets to hang out with his sanctuary pals!  Scout gets to show the new guys the ropes...

Thank you to all of you who helped our misfits last Christmas.  Anyone who can help this year, please donate by clicking here.  Your gift will directly benefit the animals in our care.  

2011 Holiday Wish List

HAPPY HOLIDAYS from all of us at HSL!!
Thank you so much for your support of the wonderful animals in our care!!