With 81 hostages now released, many of us feel the growth of hope for the 160 still held in captivity. The tearful reunions with family and friends capture the power of redemption, even while their testimonies reveal the horrific reality of the terror they endured at the hands of Hamas.

For the past seven weeks, our Israel Emergency Task Force has focused our efforts on three primary pillars of support: education, direct support for Israelis here at CRS, and philanthropic impact in Israel. We are announcing an important addition that builds on long-standing ties between communities and will more directly aid Israeli families amidst the continued crisis.

Internally in Israel, the shattering and upheaval of October 7th's massacre continues. More than 200,000 Israelis remain displaced, and thousands of families and homes are destroyed. Kehillat YOZMA Modiin, the largest Reform community in Israel, has restructured its efforts towards directly meeting the ever-evolving humanitarian needs in Israel. From resettlement and rebuilding to financial assistance and shelter, from counselling and care packages for soldiers to assisting paramedics and volunteers on the ground, YOZMA is activating Reform Israeli families to bring immediate care to the people most in need. Donations to the CRS Israel Emergency Fund will support this critical work.

We are thrilled to share that we have a lead gift of $25,000 from a dedicated CRS member.

Please join them in supporting this vital effort!

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Watch: A message from Rabbi Nir Barkin, Senior Rabbi and Executive Director of YOZMA

Rodeph Sholom has been in an ongoing relationship with Kehillat YOZMA for over a decade, connecting from across the ocean around shared values between our two communities. Read more about CRS's connections to YOZMA.

With your generous support, we can help ensure that Rabbi Barkin and his community are able to continue their critical relief efforts.

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