Rockets pounding Israel, Urgent Prayer!
Today another one was killed in Ramat Gan as heavy rocket barrage fired at central Israel.

Rockets also land in Taibeh, Rishon Lezion, Givat Shmuel and close to Ben-Gurion; buildings hit in earlier attack on Be'er Sheva as south endures morning of strikes on sixth day of fighting.

In addition to the rockets, a civil war between the Israeli and the Arabs began. Jews exposed to dangerous violence and trauma from Israeli Arabs. These caused great threats and fears for Jews walking in the streets.

In the streets, the Arabs destroyed Jewish shops, burned synagogues, and ignited cars. Especially in the streets of Bat Yam and Akko, they even stabbing the Jewish people and soldiers in the streets.

A 19-year-old IDF soldier was brutally attacked by an Arab mob in Jaffa on Thursday evening as the country roiled from ongoing violence between Arab and Jewish Israelis.

Except for the Arabs attacking the Jews, the Jews were extremely angry, and a group of Jewish mobs began to beat the Arabs in the same way.
As rockets pound Israel, frightened children hide under beds and clothes closets. 

We received contact from David who is a believer from Sderot. He says: "The situation is getting worse. Several families are reporting to him, children are hiding under beds and clothes closets who are terrified." Moshe also said: "Israel has been under fire in previous years but nothing like this on the trauma side. 
Many are not working now due to the emergency situation, our Ministry will provide them with food voucher $250 each and with the love of Yeshua.
What people are receiving from world news is just a very small portion of the situation. It's much worse. "My heart is broken over the children and their families. It's a lifetime trauma." says Moshe.

Moshe said that as bad as the rockets are, the economic losses because of lack of clients at businesses and because people are not going to work - some not even buying basic necessities - are causing hardship to many families.

Please HELP the very elderly  and families with many children, who are needing food.

Please HELP US give these people a $250 (or more as the Lord leads) voucher for food during this emergency situation.

Whatever you give, the full amount will be given to the needy families and elderly people of Israel in need. You can help the needy NOW!
And please, continue to pray for Israel. 
"...I will bless those who bless Israel..." (Genesis 12:3)

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee.
(Psalm 122:6)

May Yeshua bless you and your loved ones. 

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