Israeli Glass Artist's Experience at Pilchuck  
- letter from Olga Rozin -

This year, AIDA sent three glassmakers from Israel to Pilchuck Glass School to participate in the "Poleturner Project". Our goal was to demonstrate what it means to work as part of a team and to develop skills. Here's a letter our program director, Aviva, received from one of the artists we sent - Olga Rozin (click to view Olga's work). In past years, Olga has spent time at Corning. In September, she begins her MFA in Glass at Alfred.


Hi Aviva,

I really want to thank all AIDA people for the opportunity and great experience I had in Pilchuck Glass School! May you please forward this email for me? A few days ago I got back home from Pilchuck's Poleturners 2013. It was a fantastic and great experience for me working with a group of very talented people, excellent facilities and gorgeous nature around.

Working all together for the main goal, auction centerpieces, gave me even more understanding of the importance of team work, especially in the hot shop! I had a chance to put my hands on blowing the pieces into the mold, I've been a bubble starter, mold preheater, color powdering the starts, custing paperweights and more! The opportunity to be involved in every part of the production process was different and a great learning experience for me!

I really want to thank AIDA for this chance. I met so many great people and got a chance to meet glass legends Randy Walker, Ross Richmond and Rob Stern.

Besides the importance of the program, because the pieces had to be done perfectly in a best way ever, there were no feelings of pressure or distance between the people. Just after a day of working the group of 50 + people had became one big family. Staff, who are all glass masters themselves, were a part of this family right away too. I had a lot of fun, a pleasure to be around all of these people!

I had so much fun, just a fantastically great time up there, I would definitely do this program again! Thank you AIDA again for this great chance, it was a best first Pilchuck experience for me!

Olga Rozin

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