June 16, 2022

Dear Issaquah Middle PTSA Community,

On behalf of myself and the IMPTSA 2021-22 Board we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude for your support this school year. It has been another year of everyone checking off their "what now?!" Bingo card, and through it all, your IMPTSA weathered the unpredictable with YOUR support. 

Here's a few highlights from the year: 

  • Raised over $11,000 to support our community through PTSA programs like Salmon Days parking, Dining for Dollars, Corporate Matching, and our Annual Giving campaign. 
  • Updated our newsletter to a new streamlined format to bring you all the IMPTSA news! 
  • Hosted amazing guest speakers at our General Membership meetings covering subjects from Covid protocols to parenting middle schoolers. 
  • Made sure our amazing IMS staff had all the carbs, candy, coffee, gifts, and support they needed throughout the year, including an optional $175 reimbursement per staff member for school supplies/student support. 
  • Helped ASB with Spirit Weeks, the food drive, fundraisers, and donated money for each class to have their own Panther store!  Plus, refreshed Logowear! 
  • Walkabout volunteers let the students and staff know WE CARE about IMS. 
  • Bought Gizmos for our science department to provide online simulations and further learning opportunities for our students. 
  • Made donations to ISF, VIS, the Library, ACT, ASB, and more!
  • Designed and funded a 'calm room' for students (and some staff) who just need a 'break.'  This room further supports the mission of the PTSA advocating for mental health support in our schools. 
  • Donned inflatable costumes, dancing and throwing candy to our very happy students on Halloween morning! 
  • Added "Card My Yard," balloon arches, snowmen and penguins, and all forms of glitter to the framework of the days at IMS. 
  • Hosted our talented artists for the PTA Reflections. 
  • Welcomed our incoming 6th graders at an open house in May. 
  • Created an Angel closet, thanks to our amazing Angel co-chairs and working in tandem with the school nurse, facilitating the needs of ALL students to ensure our kiddos have much needed food and resources met. 
  • Hosted lunch for the 8th graders field trip and helped host graduation with snacks and, you guessed it, more balloon arches! 

I look forward to being your IMPTSA President for a second term and continuing to serve with the amazing IMPTSA Board alongside all of YOU (that's your hint to join us - we have lots of open positions!).  Everything we accomplished this year was done because of the support from our IMS community.  This is YOUR PTSA, so please feel free to let us know what YOU want to see at Issaquah Middle.  What programs interest you, what events should we sponsor, causes should we support/advocate?  

PTSA isn't just bake sales anymore.  We're a bit irreverent, sort of loud mouthed (or, maybe that's just me), and we are having an absolute blast. JOIN US for the upcoming year anytime after July 1, 2022. 


Cortney E. Eldridge

IMPTSA President

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