Volume 3 | February 16, 2019
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Made Us Smile
My 10 year old son recently casually announced, after having been asked to fold some laundry one evening after dinner, that he's " not cut out for the second shift ." Humorous, yet simultaneously disheartening. Will the next generation also expect women to do the second shift and treat men like heroes if they show up at one PAC meeting? A timely read: PTA culture and the working mother

Good to Know
The easiest way to improve your relationship is to pay attention to your partner during life’s small, everyday moments. This video shows you how: A Bid for Connection Learn what separates "relationship masters" from "relationship disasters".

Have you Heard?
Check out the recently launched North Shore Pro Bono Society .

Free estate planning and family mediation services are offered to low income North Shore residents. Also mediation training and free public education sessions are offered. Please share with your networks!

Also, check out our newly revamped website with blog posts, resources and meeting info and more: The MotherBoard
Tried It
The best dry shampoo: Detox Dry Shampoo

Nothing saves a harried weekday morning like a good dry shampoo! This formula soaks up oils and dirt between washes - some have been known to stretch a up to a week between washes! Shhh ... we won't tell. An essential time saver for the working mom. You can also purchase here