Made Us Smile
The only thing inaccurate about this book cover is that it seriously understates the number of volumes necessary for all of the hypothetical arguments I've won in the shower.
Good to Know
This 2017 post by time management guru Laura Vanderkam challenges the assumption that working mothers are necessarily torn between two world: “...I think the most problematic part of this comment — well, other than the idea that 40 hours of childcare out of 168 hours in a week means someone else is raising your kid — is that work and time with kids are inevitably at odds with each other.”

Have you Heard?
Wait - it's time to start thinking about summer break already?! We were surprised to see the West Vancouver Recreation summer camp out already; registration day is March 6 . (Wanting North Vancouver Recreation instead? We're told that we still have a couple of months until registration. Phew!)
Tried It
I was more than a little skeptical, but a year in and I have never regretted splurging on the Apple Watch. It has freed my from my phone in ways I never expected. It's a email and text inbox, phone, fitness tracker, running watch and wallet all in one. If you're looking to treat yo' self in a major way, this will do the trick nicely.