Issue 20- NOVEMBER 2016 |
November 14, 2016

Welcome to Issue 20 of the Activity Advocate, NCPPA's comprehensive e-newsletter on physical activity. The Activity Advocate includes policy, news, conference and event, organization and research updates all focused on physical activity.
Activity in the News
This Is What Happens to Your Body When You Stop Exercising Read

Getting Well is Good for Business Read

When It Comes to Fitness, US Kids Are at Back of Pack Read

New Guidelines Urge Diabetics to Move More  Read

The Secret to Cutting Medical Bills? Exercise Regularly Read

Exercise Helps Slow Down Memory Decline Read

No Time to Work Out? Try Exercising on the Job Read

How One Season of Football Affects a Child's Brain Read

The Future of Retirement Communities: Walkable and Urban Read

Exercise: It's What the Doctor Ordered Read

Startling Number of U.S. Adults Not Exercising Regularly Read

How Exercise Makes Your Job Less Stressful Read

Exercise, Even In Small Doses, Offers Tremendous Benefits For Senior Citizens  Read

Lack of Health Education Leads to a Rise in Obesity Rates Read

Note to Diabetics (and, btw, everyone else): Get Up From Your Desk Every 30 Minutes Read 

Liberating College Women from the Elliptical, One Fitness Class at a Time Read

Exercising Doesn't Just Burn Fat, It Gives You 'Smart Fat' Too Read

The Price We Pay for Sitting Too Much Read
Upcoming Events
* 2016 American Institute for Cancer Research Conference 
November 14 - 16
Bethesda, MD

* Street Lights Illuminating Implementation and Equity in Complete Streets
November 15
Sacramento, CA

* International Society for Physical Activity & Health International Congress on Physical Activity and Public Health 
November 16-19
Bangkok, Thailand

*America Walks Webinar: Work While Walking: The What, Why and How of Walking Meetings
November 17

*Active Living Research Conference 2017- Active Living across the Life Span
February 26- March 1, 2017
Clearwater Beach, FL

*2017 National Bike Summit
March 6-9, 2017
Washington, DC

The 2017 International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association Convention and Trade Show
March 8-11, 2017
Los Angeles, CA
  More Info  

* SFIA National Health Through Fitness Day
March 21-22, 2017
Washington, DC

Building a Healthier Future Summit,  Partnership for a Healthier America 
May 10-12, 2017
Washington, DC

* National Walking Summit
September 13-15, 2017
St Paul, MN
The CEO Pledge for Physical Activity
The CEO Pledge for Physical Activity is NCPPA's national campaign to encourage  every CEO In the United States and beyond to recognize physical activity as an important driver of employee health and business performance.   Learn More
Policy Update
Increased CDC Funding for Physical Activity  
Thank you for signing on to the letter to the next administration in support of increased CDC funding for Physical Activity.  Before the election, we sent the organizational sign-on letter to both campaigns.  We look forward to following up with the Trump Administration transition team in the next few weeks and refining our policy agenda based on the opportunities forecast in the next Congress and Administration. We appreciate your support and look forward to a great strategic discussion at our face-to-face policy meeting on December 1st. 

Read the  Letter .
The 2018 Physical Activity Guidelines for America 
The 2018 Physical Activity Guidelines Advisory Committee
recently held their second public meeting to examine the latest scientific and medical evidence on the relationship between physical activity and health. Their efforts will generate a comprehensive scientific advisory report that will ultimately inform the second edition of the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans.  The advisory committee will hold its next meeting in  March 2017.  Learn More

We encourage your organization to  provide scientific information and share your views with the Physical Activity Guidelines Advisory Committee regarding physical activity and health through public comments  Here .
NCPPA will be submitting public comments.
PHIT Act: Bipartisan Tax Relief for a Stronger, Healthier America -- Check out this article by Scott Goudeseune, NCPPA Board Member and CEO and President of the American Council on Exercise   Read

The Personal Health Investment Today Act (PHIT Act) (H.R.1218 & S.2218) is legislation pending in Congress that would expand the IRS definition of a "medical expense" to include physical activity as a form of prevention.  The PHIT Act offers policymakers an avenue to help individuals and families make physical activity more accessible and affordable, all while capitalizing on existing structures. More than 100 members of Congress from both sides of the aisle have pledged their support for PHIT. It is our hope and vision that Congress will recognize the necessity of the PHIT Act and pass it in the 114th Congress.  Learn More
Research, Reports, and Announcements
Public Health 3.0: Time for an Upgrade    
On October 19, Karen B. DeSalvo, MD, MPH, HHS assistant secretary for health,  unveiled Public Health 3.0, a new model for building healthier communities across America. 
The initiative is led by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health (OASH) and builds on the work of Healthy People 2020, which encourages collaborations across communities and sectors.

Public Health 3.0 is a major upgrade in public health practice to emphasize cross-sectoral environmental, policy, and systems-level actions that directly affect the social determinants of health and advance health equity. It represents a challenge to business leaders, community leaders, state lawmakers, and Federal policymakers to incorporate health into all areas of governance.

To learn more about Public Health 3.0, click Here. #PH3
To read the report click Here.
Trust for America's Health Blueprint for a Healthier America
The Trust for America's Health (TFAH) recently released Blueprint for a Healthier America 2016: Policy Priorities for the Next Administration and Congress which calls for a new approach to health - prioritizing improving health and addressing major epidemics in the United States. The Blueprint highlights leading evidence-based strategies for improving health and policy - and models to help bring them to scale across the country. Learn More
ADA Issues New Recommendations on Physical Activity and Exercise for People with Diabetes  
The American Diabetes Association announced updated, comprehensive guidelines for regular, structured physical exercise for everyone with diabetes and recommends less overall sedentary time every day. Read  

All types of diabetes are addressed in "Physical Activity/ Exercise and Diabetes: A Position Statement of the American Diabetes Association," published in the  November 2016  issue of  Diabetes Care
Physical Activity, Sport and Health Scorecard for Congress
The American College of Sports Medicine recently released the Physical Activity, Sport and Health Scorecard for the 114th Congress. During the 114th Congress (2015-2016), members of Congress had the opportunity to show their support, or lack of support, on issues vital to promoting a healthy lifestyle and safety in sports.  

To learn more and view the scorecard click Here.
November is American Diabetes Month 
Every 23 seconds, an American is diagnosed with diabetes. Join us in increasing the sense of urgency around this disease by supporting the American Diabetes Association throughout #DiabetesMonth. #ThisIsDiabetes 

Visit the American Diabetes Association to learn more!
Voices for Healthy Kids 2016 Progress Report
Voices for Healthy Kids, a joint initiative of the American Heart Association and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, is pleased to release its 2016 Progress Report, Building a Culture of Health for All Children. The report highlights key progress from the year, including inspiring examples of communities and states that are dedicated to helping all children grow up at a healthy weight. Read

America Walks and the Every Body Walk! Collaborative are excited to announce the call for proposals for the 2017 National Walking Summit to be held in St. Paul, MN from September 13-15, 2017. To learn more and submit a proposal, click Here. Submissions are due December 15, 2016.
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