Issue 22- JANUARY 2017 |
January 17, 2017

Happy New Year and welcome to Issue 22 of the Activity Advocate, NCPPA's comprehensive e-newsletter on physical activity. The Activity Advocate includes policy, news, conference and event, organization and research updates all focused on physical activity.
Upcoming Events
* NIRSA 2017- Collegiate Recreation: An International Treasure
February 21-24, 2017
National Harbor, MD

* Active Living Research Conference 2017- Active Living across the Life Span
February 26- March 1, 2017
Clearwater Beach, FL

* Youth Sports Safety Summit- Less Risk, More Reward: Emphasizing Safety and Encouraging Success
March 6-7, 2017
Indianapolis, IN

*2017 National Bike Summit- Building a Bicycle Friendly America
March 6-9, 2017
Washington, DC

The 2017 International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association Convention and Trade Show
March 8-11, 2017
Los Angeles, CA
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* SHAPE America National Convention and Expo 
March 14-18, 2017
Boston, MA 

* SFIA National Health Through Fitness Day
March 21-22, 2017
Washington, DC

* The Society for Public Health Education's 68th Annual Conference
March 30 - April 1, 2017
Denver, Colorado

* SHAPE America  Speak Out Day! 2017
April 25-26, 2017
Washington, DC

Building a Healthier Future Summit,  Partnership for a Healthier America 
May 10-12, 2017
Washington, DC

* National Walking Summit
September 13-15, 2017
St Paul, MN
Activity in the News
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Ten Reasons to Be Optimistic about Physical Activity
Pam Eidson,  Executive Director, of the National Physical Activity Society shares with us 10 reasons to be optimistic about promoting and advocating for Physical Activity in 2017. Read
The Personal Health Investment Today Act (PHIT) is legislation pending in Congress that would expand the IRS definition of a "medical expense" to include physical activity as a form of prevention.  The PHIT Act offers policymakers an avenue to help individuals and families make physical activity more accessible and affordable, all while capitalizing on existing structures.   Learn More
USDOT Revises Proposed System Performance Measures In our August newsletter, NCPPA asked organizations to submit comments to the US Department of Transportation (USDOT) asking them to include the  needs of people who walk, bike and/or take transit in their Performance Measures. 

We are happy to announce that the U.S. DOT recently released new standards for performance measures, which take into account active transportation. Thank you to  Safe Routes to School, Transportation for America, and the League of American Bicyclists for your leadership and guidance in advocating for active transportation.
The 2018 Physical Activity Guidelines for America 
The 2018 Physical Activity Guidelines Advisory Committee
recently held its second public meeting to examine the latest scientific and medical evidence on the relationship between physical activity and health. Read the meeting summary here.   We encourage your organization to  provide scientific information and share your views with the Physical Activity Guidelines Advisory Committee regarding physical activity and health through public comments  Here
The Workforce Health Improvement Program (WHIP)
 would prevent employees who are offered employer subsidized health club membership from paying a tax on the benefit. Current law imposes the income tax on the value of the membership or subsidy on the individual, unless the fitness center is on-site of the employer. Passing the WHIP Act would give Congress the opportunity to promote workplace fitness programs at all companies, large and small. Learn More
Research, Reports, and Announcements
February Is National Cancer Prevention Month
Most Americans haven't heard a message that could save their lives. This February, help to make sure they do.  

The American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) is launching a multimedia awareness campaign to show Americans how they and their families can lower cancer risk. By signing on and agreeing to share this vital message with your professional communities, you can amplify this message and help it reach millions more Americans than it has before. Learn More  Flyer 1  Flyer 2
SHAPE America and CDC Release Materials to Support Recess Schools across the country will now have step-by-step guidance and evidence-based strategies to support school recess for all K-12 students and enhance active school environments. The two new guidance documents, Strategies for Recess in Schools and Recess Planning in Schools: A Guide to Putting Strategies for Recess Into Practice, can downloaded Here.
Moving the Needle on Obesity 
The Campaign to End Obesity recently released their first-ever report card evaluating the work of Congress to addressing the obesity epidemic. 

Find out how they did & who is at the Top of the Class!
Physical Activity, Sport and Health Scorecard for Congress
The American College of Sports Medicine recently released the Physical Activity, Sport and Health Scorecard for the 114th Congress. During the 114th Congress (2015-2016), members of Congress had the opportunity to show their support, or lack of support, on issues vital to promoting a healthy lifestyle and safety in sports.  

To learn more and view the scorecard click Here.
The CEO Pledge for Physical Activity
The CEO Pledge for Physical Activity is NCPPA's national campaign to encourage  every CEO In the United States and beyond to recognize physical activity as an important driver of employee health and business performance.   Learn More
The National Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity is a diverse blend of associations, health organizations, and private corporations advocating for policies that encourage Americans of all ages to be physically active.
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