Issue 29 - AUGUST 2017 |
August 15, 2017

Welcome to Issue 29 of the Activity Advocate, NCPPA's comprehensive e-newsletter on physical activity. The Activity Advocate includes policy, news, conference and event, organization and research updates all focused on physical activity.
Upcoming Events
Incorporating Health in Transportation Decisions APHA Webinar
August 24 at 1:00pm 

2017 Project Play Summit 
September 6-7, 2017
Washington, DC

* 2017 HERO Forum September 12-14, 207
Phoenix, AZ

* National Prevention Network Conference
September 12-14, 2017
Annaheim, CA

* National Walking Summit
September 13-15, 2017
St Paul, MN

ASTHO Policy Summit, Gala, and Annual Meeting September 19-21, 2017 Washington, DC

* SOPHE's 19th Annual Advocacy Summit 
October 21-23, 2017
Washington, DC

*  American Public Health Association (APHA) Annual Meeting and Expo 
November 4-8, 2017
Atlanta, GA
Activity in the News
A Bipartisan Bill to Expand HSAs and Get Americans Moving Again Read

How About This Health Care Act That Both Democrats And Republicans Support Read

Bringing Exercise Into the Discussion on Mental Health

Don't Have Time to Exercise? Do this for 10 Minutes Read

Exercise as a Weight-Loss Strategy Read

Gym Going Seniors Are Benefiting from More Than Just Exercise  Read

Better Hearing, Less Constipation and other Surprising Benefits of Exercise Read

Children's Exercise Inquiry Launched to Boost Activity Read 

Does Physical Activity Affect the Brain's Aging Process? Read

How Income Affects Physical Activity Read

Why a Thriving Brain Needs a Lifetime of Exercise Read

How Exercise Helps People with MS Read

The Best Exercise for Weight Loss, According to Science Read
Policy Update
PHIT ACT Letter to Champions  The PHIT Coalition delivered the attached letter in support of the PHIT Act to their four champions and all co-sponsors were cc'd.  Thank you PHIT Coalition for drafting a strong letter making case for active lifestyles and PHIT.

The Personal Health Investment Today (PHIT) Act is legislation pending in Congress that would expand the IRS definition of a "medical expense" to include physical activity as a form of prevention.  Learn More
What's in the Transportation Budget? 
Check out this blog post from Caron Whitaker of the League of American Bicyclists, where she breaks down the Senate Transportation HUD budget to see how it compares to previous years and to the House budget.  Read here .
New  Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams
The Senate has approved Jerome Adams, MD, to be the next U.S. Surgeon General.  Prior to confirmation Dr. Adams served as the Indiana State Health Commissioner. Read his bio here.
Research, Reports, and Announcements
Physical Activity Guidelines Committee Meeting #4
The 2018 Physical Activity Guidelines Advisory Committee recently convened its fourth public meeting July 19-21, 2017. Read the meeting recap here
Public Comments for Healthy People 2030 
The the Secretary's Advisory Committee on National Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Objectives for 2030 will meet on September 6- 7, 2017 in Washington, DC. 

Members of the public are invited to attend the meeting. There will be an opportunity for attendees to deliver 2 minutes of oral public comments. Individuals must pre-register to both attend the meeting and provide public comments.  Learn More
Members of the public are also invited to provide written comments on the Healthy People 2030 framework for consideration by HHS. Learn More 
Get 60 Minutes: Ways for Students to Get Recommended Amount of Physical Activity During the School Day
Checkout this interactive infographic, which illustrates just how kids can get their 60 minutes of recommended physical activity in schools during their school day. Even with busy schedules, this graphic illustration shows that there are numerous ways to get the recommended amount of physical activity in every school day.
September is Go4Life Month This year's theme is "Move More with Go4Life!" where older adults are encouraged to work out a bit harder and try all 4 types of recommended exercise: endurance, strength, balance and flexibility. Check out this upbeat video for activity ideas, tips, and tools to help you celebrate Go4Life Month 2017!

Go4Life® is the National Institute on Aging's health education campaign. Launched in 2011, Go4Life encourages older adults to reap health benefits by making physical activity part of their daily lives. Learn More
Want to learn more about NCPPA? Check out "Activity Advocates", a webinar we did with the National Physical Activity Society introducing NCPPA and our work. 
Listen to the webinar here. View the slides here.
The CEO Pledge for Physical Activity
The CEO Pledge for Physical Activity is NCPPA's national campaign to encourage  every CEO In the United States and beyond to recognize physical activity as an important driver of employee health and business performance.   Learn More
The National Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity is a diverse blend of associations, health organizations, and private corporations advocating for policies that encourage Americans of all ages to be physically active.
We want this newsletter to be as useful and informative as possible - so please send us your feedback and suggestions regarding current content and future topics we should address. We look forward to hearing from you.


Ayanna McKnight