Issue 31 - OCTOBER 2017 |
October 6, 2017

Welcome to Issue 31 of the Activity Advocate, NCPPA's comprehensive e-newsletter on physical activity. The Activity Advocate includes policy, news, conference and event, organization and research updates all focused on physical activity.
Upcoming Events
* Get Active Policy Fair
October 11 from 12-2pm
2075 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC

* Childhood Obesity Prevention Awareness Expo
October 13 from 11-1pm
Rayburn HOB Foyer
Washington DC
More Info

* 5th Meeting of the Physical Activity Guidelines  Advisory Committee 
October 17-20, 2017

* SOPHE's 19th Annual Advocacy Summit 
October 21-23, 2017
Washington, DC

* ObesityWeek 2017
October 29 - November 2 
Washington, DC

*  American Public Health Association (APHA) Annual Meeting and Expo 
November 4-8, 2017
Atlanta, GA

* Active Living Research Conference 2018
February 11-14, 2018
Banff, Canada
Activity in the News
What's the Ultimate Way to Defy Depression, Disease and Early Death? Exercise Read

There's Even More Evidence that One Type of Exercise Es the Closest Thing We Have to a Miracle Drug Read

How Exercise Might Increase Your Self-Control Read

1 in 12 Deaths Worldwide Could Be Prevented with Regular Physical Activity Read

These Are the Cities Where People Exercise the Most Read

Even a Little Exercise Helps Those With Heart Disease Read

Fitness Tracker Games May Help Families Get More Exercise Read

Just 30 Minutes of Activity on 5 Days Could Save Lives Read

How Exercise Rejuvenates Cells, Extending Lifespan Read

First-ever Take Your Parent to PE Week Concludes Successfully Read

Survey: British Spend Much More Time On The Toilet Than Exercising Read

Study Examines Impact of Wealth on Physical Activity Read

Just One Hour of Exercise a Week May Help Prevent Depression Read

Small Increases in Physical Activity Reduce Immobility, Disability Risks in Older Adults Read
Policy Update
Attend the Get Active Policy Fair on October 11
Hosted by the Congressional Fitness Caucus and sponsored by IHRS A.  Learn how physical activity plays a pivotal role in solving America's healthcare crisis.  Find out about the important work health clubs and their coalition partners are doing to make the world healthier and more active.

Wednesday, October 11 from 12-2pm 
Room 2075, Rayburn House Office Building  Learn More
Attend the Childhood Obesity Prevention Awareness Expo
The Congressional Task Force on Childhood Obesity
invites you to attend the Childhood Obesity Prevention Awareness Expo  Friday.   Childhood obesity can be prevented.  Communities, health professionals, and families can work together  to create opportunities for kids to eat healthier and get more active.  Make a difference for kids: spread the word about strategies for preventing childhood obesity and encourage families, communities, organizations and individuals to get involved.

Friday  October 13 from 11am-1pm 
Rayburn House Office Building Foyer    Learn More
EEOC Wellness Rule Review to Last Until August 2018
On August 22, a federal court ruled that in regards to regulations for workplace wellness programs, the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) failed to justify its 30 percent cap on cost inducements for participating workers and  gave the EEOC 30 days to tell the court its plan for readdressing the ruling.

On September 21, EEOC reported the status of the rule.  The EEOC will need until August 2018 to reconsider regulations on employer wellness programs and will issue a new rule by October 2019, in the case of AARP v. EEOC  Learn More
Research, Reports, and Announcements
National Physical Activity Plan
The U.S. National Physical Activity Plan is based on a vision that one day, all Americans will be physically active, and they will live, work and play in environments that encourage and support regular physical activity.  Want to help spread the word about the National Physical Activity Plan ? This NEW introductory video can help. 
October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month 
Did you know that  physical activity has been associated with a reduced risk of breast cancer? 

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and a  great time to refresh your knowledge of the disease. It is an  annual campaign to raise awareness of breast cancer risks, the value of screening and early detection, and treatment options available to women and men who are diagnosed with one of the many forms of cancer. 

Want to learn more about breast cancer? Check out these links from the American Cancer Society and the American Institute for Cancer Research websites. ACS | AICR
International Olympic Committee (IOC)  Actively Promoting Health and Physical Activity through New Program
The Cities all of the world are invited to take part in the Global Active City Program, a new initiative to promote health and physical activity. The program, launched by the Active Well-being Initiative (AWI), includes standards, supporting tools and training modules to enable cities and their leaders to take concrete steps towards the enhancing well-being of their population. Check out the following links to learn more. Video and Learn More
Physical Activity Lowers Mortality and Heart Disease Risks
The results of a new study published published in the Lancet confirm that  physical activity has definite and dose-dependent benefits for lowering risks of all-cause mortality and cardiovascular disease, which includes heart attacks, stroke, and heart failure. Learn More
The CEO Pledge for Physical Activity
The CEO Pledge for Physical Activity is NCPPA's national campaign to encourage  every CEO In the United States and beyond to recognize physical activity as an important driver of employee health and business performance.   Learn More
The National Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity is a diverse blend of associations, health organizations, and private corporations advocating for policies that encourage Americans of all ages to be physically active.
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Ayanna McKnight
Coalition Manager