The Collaborative Field Notes                                                        Issue No. 34
From the Faculty Director
Welcome to issue No. 34 of  The Collaborative Field Notes .

Hello Collaborative Members!
As the new semester is starting and given the diversity in our Collaborative membership, I'm in awe when I think about all the students we are collectively engaging.  

I recently ran across this article on using digital platforms to make learning more personalized.  

I'm wondering what others are doing in the digital and online spaces! This may be a great topic for our Annual Summit in 2019; what do you think?
Heidi Neck

The Babson Collaborative for Entrepreneurship Education
Faculty Director & Professor of Entrepreneurship

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From the Collaborative WhatsApp Channel
At the recent Summit we revived our WhatsApp (phone app) group and there has been a lot of energy and sharing of information in that group.  Would you like to join? You can either hit this LINK from your mobile phone or send your mobile phone number to Mike Bruny ( to be added to the group.  
The WhatsApp Question of the Week.
We are sharing a weekly question in WhatsApp so Collaborative members can glean insights from each other.  Below is the question and a few answers so far.  Interested in participating or seeing what others have posted? Join the Collaborative WhatsApp group by using this LINK.
From The Collaborative Blog
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