The Collaborative Field Notes                                                        Issue No. 36
From the Faculty Director
Welcome to issue No. 36 of  The Collaborative Field Notes .

Hello Collaborative Members!
I just returned from a two-week safari in Kenya and Uganda.  It was one of those bucket-list trips that transformed me. 

I left a little part of me in Africa (I ripped my pants while gorilla trekking!) and took a big piece of Africa home with me (memories of people, places, and animals that are forever etched in my mind). 

I saw the power of entrepreneurship everywhere.  Female artisans sold their wares next to a dirt landing strip where small airplanes drop tourists. I met a headmaster at a local school that is "entrepreneuring" his way with limited resources to give young children the best education he can. I visited an elephant orphanage in Nairobi that is partially funded by tourists that "adopt" an elephant.  Yes, I adopted a 3-year old elephant name Luggard who has a very bad leg because he was shot by poachers. For my $50, I get regular updates on Luggard! 

This list could go on, but everywhere I looked I saw the power of entrepreneurship in action and the resiliency of the human spirit. I am quite grateful that I able to do what I do. 
Heidi Neck

The Babson Collaborative for Entrepreneurship Education
Faculty Director & Professor of Entrepreneurship

2019 Babson Collaborative Student Challenge
Our first note about the 2019 Babson Collaborative Student Challenge has been sent to all institution Champions.  Let Mike Bruny ( or Tom Simon ( know if you are interested in participating this year.  You can find details about the Challenge at the following  LINK. In a short time we already have five schools signed up for the 2019 Student Challenge: FACENS, Flame University, Tec de Monterrey, Bennett University and American University of Afghanistan (AUAF)
Picture courtesy of Bennett University from the 2018 Student Challenge

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  • Global SEE - Dubai: Join us February 18 - 21, 2019 for our first Global Symposia for Entrepreneurship Educators (SEE) in Dubai.  Learn More
  • The 2019 Babson Collaborative Summit will be hosted by the American University in Cairo (AUC) during the week of March 18.  Please mark your calendars.  More information coming soon. 

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  • Please Spread the Word: There is no limit to the number of faculty or staff from your university that can be active participants in the Collaborative!  Feel free to share the following link with them to get started: The Log-in username is: and password: facultyprofile.  Please note: only university emails will be accepted for their profile (no "gmail, yahoo, aol, etc.).
Member News
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From the Collaborative WhatsApp Channel
At the recent Summit we revived our WhatsApp (phone app) group and there has been a lot of energy and sharing of information in that group.  Would you like to join? You can either hit this LINK from your mobile phone or send your mobile phone number to Mike Bruny ( to be added to the group.  
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