Issue 4 of The NEW! Fibromyalgia AWARE magazine is full of the stories you want to read! From race cars to caterpillars, this magazine commemorates 18 years of Fibromyalgia Awareness Day with coverage of Awareness Across the Globe to videos of NFA co-founder Lynne Matallana and race car driver Jenna Grillo on Fox 40 News in New York. Don't miss research studies and 4 New Drugs in Clinical Trials for FM Treatment. Join the cause in Making Fibromyalgia Visible and learn from   Dr. Dave Williams what causes pain. And who could forget our Fibro-Funnies cartoon?

September is Pain Awareness Month
Pain Awareness Month is the time to raise awareness of pain and pain management. A great place to start is by talking to friends, family and health care providers about Pain Awareness Month and share with them that for the first time ever, pain is being recognized as an epidemic. Patients have not in the past been treated in a way that produced good outcomes. Visit a fellow pain advocate organization, the Community Pain Center and its Pain Cooperative, as they support member nonprofits like the NFA. We all work together to bring the challenges of living with pain to the forefront of our communities.
As Always...Thank You For Your Support!

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Fibromyalgia pain and fatigue can make it hard to want to exercise, but ceasing to move only adds to the problems. Using balance walking poles relieves up to 30% of pressure on joints and feet, helps to combat pain, and helps maintain balance. 

Balanced walking increases range of motion, while improving circulation, balance, and strength. Our spring-loaded poles gently propel you along making your exercise easier by the day. 
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