Issue 40 - JULY 2018 |
July 19, 2018

W elcome to Issue 40 of the Activity Advocate, NCPPA's comprehensive e-newsletter on physical activity. The Activity Advocate includes policy, news, conference and event, organization and research updates all focused on physical activity.
Activity in the News
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Upcoming Events
Fit 2 Celebrate Gala
September 27, 2018
Washington, DC
HERO Forum 2018
October 2-4, 2018
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Project Play Summit
October 16, 2018
Washington, DC
APHA Annual Meeting
November 10-14, 2018
San Diego, CA

Active Living Research
February 17-20, 2019
Charleston, SC
Modified Version of the PHIT Act Introduced, H.R.6312
Last week a modified version of the PHIT Act, H.R.6312 was introduced. There are concerns with the new bill because it makes the following changes: 
  • Excludes golf
  • Excludes fitness videos
  • Limits purchase of equipment to "safety uses"
  • Caps individual expenses to $500 per year (was $1k); and $1,000 per household (was $2k)
PHIT Act Makes It Out of Committee 
PHIT took a huge step forward last week, when the House Ways & Means Committee passed a modified version of the PHIT Act by a vote of 28-7.  Congratulations to all for the massive effort to get PHIT through the Ways & Means Committee. The PHIT Coalition is working to get Congressional help in expanding the bill to be more in line with the original language before the next step, which is a full House vote, scheduled for the week of July 23, 2018. 
Physical Activity Guidelines Report Language Included
Our physical activity guidelines report language was included in the Senate Labor-HHS Appropriations report. Thank you to all of those who worked to make this possible. 

" Physical Activity.--Regular physical activity plays a critical role in chronic disease prevention, military readiness, academic success, workplace productivity, and lowers healthcare expenditures. The Committee is therefore pleased that the second edition of the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans will be released in late 2018. The Committee encourages CDC to promote these Guidelines, once released, which should include consumer education about benefits of physical activity. In addition, the Committee applauds CDC for creating the new initiative, Active People, Healthy Nation and encourages CDC to strengthen its work." Learn More
Research & Announcements
Global Action Plan on Physical Activity The World Health Organization (WHO) recently launched its  WHO Global Action Plan on Physical Activity and Health 2018-2030: More Active People for a Healthier World. The action plan shows how countries can reduce physical inactivity in adults and teens by 15% by 2030. It recommends a set of 20 policy areas, which combined, aim to create more active societies through improving the environments and opportunities to be more active. Learn More
New Data on the CDC's DNPAO's Data, Trends, and Maps
Data, Trends, & Maps is DNPAO's interactive database that provides the most recent state-level behavior, environmental, and policy indicators on obesity, nutrition, physical activity, and breastfeeding. The new data includes 3 brand new indicators. Learn More
The National Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity is a diverse blend of associations, health organizations, and private corporations advocating for policies that encourage Americans of all ages to be physically active.
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Ayanna McKnight
Coalition Manager