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October 30, 2015
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44 Stark Schools Implement Olweus
Alliance Middle, Altitude
Career Tech and Wellness Academy @ Crenshaw,  Arts Academy @ Summit,  Belden Elem, Canton South High, Cedar Elem, Clarendon Elem,  College and Career Readiness Academy @ Lehman,  Compton Learning Center, Early College Academy @ Souers, Faircrest Memorial Middle, Fairless Middle, Fairmount Elem (closed), Gibbs Elem, Louisville Elem, Malvern Elem, Malvern Middle, Mason Elem, Minerva Elem, Minerva High, Minerva Middle, North Nimishillen Elem, Northwest High, Northwest Middle, Northwest Primary, Our Lady of Peace Elem, Pfeiffer Intermediate, Regina Coeli St. Joseph Elem, Sandy Valley Elem, Sandy Valley High, Sandy Valley Middle, SS. Philip and James Elem, St. Barbara Elem, St. Joan of Arc Elem, St. Joseph Elem (closed), St. Louis Elem, St. Mary Elem, St. Michael Elem, St. Paul Elem, St. Peter Elem, STEAMM A cademy @ Hartford,  Stinson Elem, Walker Elem, Watson Elem, Youtz Elem
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Olweus Builds College, Career and Life Skills

Effective communication critical thinking, problem solving, working productively in teams, ethical decision-making and social responsibility are skills the  Career Readiness Partner Council names as critical to career readiness. These important life skills are woven into the fabric of the school day at 44 Stark County area schools through the  Olweus Bullying Prevention Program. The PK-12 Olweus program, a comprehensive approach focused on long-term change, creates a safe and positive school climate.
Louisville and North Nimishillen Elementaries have embraced the Olweus program through their  Upstander Positive Behavior Program. An Upstander is a person who follows the four guiding principles of Olweus - not bullying others, helping those who are being bullied, including students who are left out, and alerting adults at school and at home when bullying occurs.
Principal Mike Norris and Counselor Kerry Swigert shared that the Olweus program has brought "a focus of respect, kindness and courage" to their school as the central theme. According to the teacher surveys the positive climate is increasing and students are responsibly reporting and standing up for one another.
The elementary students and staff have engaged the entire community in their Upstander program. Louisville students, teachers, parents and community members proudly wear Upstander shirts and continue dialogue about the importance of being kind, courageous, and standing up for those who are bullied. " Our school and general community support is amazing," said Swigert.

Variety of Bullying Prevention Resources Available Online

The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) offers several bullying prevention resources for families, schools and communities including policy guidance, fact sheets, a webinar series, and website links. Also of interest is Disney's "You are Braver, Stronger and Smarter Than You Think" video which seeks to inspire positive action among young people. 
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