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February 21, 2014
Did You Know

Jackson Hosts Annual Art Extravaganza

This will be the eighth year that the Jackson Local Schools will host 

an All District Art ExtravaganzaThe event featuring choral, instrumental, dance, theatrical performances and award winning student art will take place in the Jackson High School Commons on Saturday, February 22 from 5 to10:00 pm.
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While Losing to Other States, Stark Gains in Population from Ohio and Abroad


Using American Community Survey five-year data between 2007 and 2011, the U.S. Census Bureau released statistics earlier this month showing the origin and destination of nearly 17 million people who move between counties each year.[1] Data shows Stark County losing population to other states, while gaining from other counties in Ohio.


The County-to-County Migration Flows Tables also look at migration on the basis of income and education attainment. While education statistics are incomplete [2], Stark gained the most Bachelor's Degrees [3] from Tuscawaras  and Columbiana while losing to Wayne and Summit Counties. The Bureau's Census Flows Mapper has also been updated to allow researchers, policy-makers and interested individuals to visualize this data.


[2] If less than three persons in different households migrated to, or from, specific counties.

[3] Bachelor's Degree

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