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May 6, 2016
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ISSUES Enters Its Second Decade
of Publication

We are pleased to send you this first edition of "Looking at the Issues."  It was 2006 and the Stark Education  Partnership had just introduced this communication tool to keep the community informed about education initiatives, their progress, and/or address a related topic of interest.

Canton Superintendent Dianne Talarico was talking about dramatic increases in Canton's graduation rate. In five years, it had increased from 48% to 75%.

In Columbus, Governor Bob Taft was commending the work of the Stark County P-16 Compact and speakers at a statewide ACT conference were citing the Partnership's study, Advancing Ohio's P-16 Agenda: Exit and Entrance Exam.

At the Statehouse, Canton Local students were testifying before both the House and Senate Education Committees on behalf of rigorous core curriculum and increased dual credit opportunities.

So began the first edition of Looking at the Issues. Since the May 19, 2006 publication headlined "High School Graduation Rates are Increasing in Stark County," there have been 377 more editions as the staff has kept its promise to send updates - but Issues has become much more than that. Each edition chronicles the ongoing efforts of the entire Stark County community to create the best schools and colleges anywhere.

Every edition of 
  - historic to current - is available on the Partnership's
website.  Browse through the years and see all that has been accomplished. It is impressive!
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The Stark Education Partnership, Inc., is a 501(c)-3 non-profit education reform support organization in Stark County, Ohio crossing the lines of 17 public school districts. The Partnership collaborates with educators, business, community and civic leaders to create and respond to opportunities that will add substantial and measurable value to education. 

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