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September 12, 2014
Did You Know

NY Times Article Refers to Positive Growth in Canton        

A recent article in the NY Times highlights a spreading transformation across Northeast Ohio driven by domestic oil and gas production. "In the energy surge, Canton has emerged as the center for white-collar jobs associated with the energy industry, like engineers, surveyors and other specialists."

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Dr. Joseph Rochford 


Joe  - who has been with the Stark Education Partnership almost from its beginning in 1989 - will retire on September 30, 2014 with the thanks of all who know him. Many have sent e-mail congratulations to him, and these tell the story of the numerous projects he has worked on for the benefit of students throughout Stark County:


"Thank you to Joe for all that he has done. We will miss him." - Dale Galluci, SAMM Center


"Joe, congratulations on your retirement, We will miss you." - Dean Jollay, Project Ahead, Massillon


"I remember planning with you for Passages, Choices, Early College High School, and Small Schools at McKinley." - Joyce Lemke


Further accomplishments include the National Science Foundation Grants that Joe helped author, the adjunct courses he taught at Walsh University, the recent work on the Straight A "Young Entrepreneur" Grant and Olweus, the numerous dual credit, P-16 and early college high school reports, the weekly Issues newsletter, and on and on.


Joe, you will be greatly missed and we wish you the best in your well deserved retirement.

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