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September 7, 2012
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Malone Offers Tours to HS Juniors & Seniors  

Interested high school juniors and seniors can tour Malone University and have lunch with a professor in their prospective major on Discover Day Mondays. The next one is on October 8th. Students can  register online here



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Stark has a Higher Percentage of Adults, Age 24 to 35, in School than Ohio and the Nation 

College enrollment age 25-34
While college enrollment among young adults, age 18 to 24, has soared in Stark County, older adults are also going back to school in record numbers. According to the U.S. Census[1] school enrollment among the county's 25 to 34 year olds is 3.1% higher than the state and 4.6% higher than the nation.


Stark is also tied with both the state and nation on the percentage of adults, age 35 and over, who are enrolled. While nearly all these enrollments are in higher education, they can also include adults who are working to complete a high school diploma, alternate degree or vocational certificate.   


Additional schooling will remain a critical factor for unemployed and underemployed adults in any Ohio community. A study by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS), Profile of Unemployment: A Post Recession Analysis[2], looks at employment projections to 2018. ODJFS notes that over half "high prospect" job openings[3] in the state will require some form of post secondary education.

[1] 2010 American Community Survey 1 Year Estimates, S1401 

[2] ohiolmi.com/research/2011ProfileUnemployment.pdf

[3] Average hourly wages above the state average of $15.30 an hour

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