Voting Information for Election Day
Dear Neighbors,

There are problems at the following polling places and precincts. Because of the record number of polling places that dropped out and the need to relocate them, election equipment has not yet been set up at the following polling places:

2323 N Sheffield, DePaul Athletic Training Center
  • This is the polling place for Precinct 41

Alcott Elementary, 2625 N Clark St
  • This is the polling place for Precincts 22 and 40

New Life Community Church, 1110 W Lill Street
  • This is the polling place for Precinct 2

2700 N Pine Grove, the Second Church of Christ Scientist
  • This is the polling place for Precinct 13 and 34

Equipment is on its way, but when it arrives, it will still take an hour to set up. Our advice is to wait, if possible, a couple of hours and go vote in your designated polling place. Polls are open until 7 p.m.

If that is inconvenient,  you may vote now at the early voting sites that serve our ward:
Lincoln Park Library, 1150 W Fullerton, or
Division Street Library, 310 W Division

Please go to your regular polling place if at all possible. We do not want to overwhelm these two locations.

If you need a ride, please call our office at 773-348-9500.

Several polling places dropped out at the last minute causing reassignments.
see if your polling location has been relocated

If you would like immediate knowledge of when the equipment is up and running, please follow my Twitter account @AldermanSmith43
BEFORE you go vote today, please check to see if your polling location has been relocated . The updated list of 43rd Ward polling locations   live on my website here . You can also look up your polling place location online.

If you can, remember the best times to vote is in the middle of day rather then during the morning or evening rush hour.

Feel free to call my office at 773-348-9500 and check before you head to the polls. If you need a ride to the polls, call my office at 773-348-9500 and we will arrange a ride for you.
Election judges have been instructed to clean and disinfect polling places often. Voting is our most important duty as citizens of this republic. Fear is always the tool used to keep people from voting. Vote like your life depends on it - it does.

43rd Ward Office Hours: M - F 9 AM - 6 PM 
  2523 N Halsted  |  773-348-9500