Xist Cymbals
Affordable Turkish cymbals
with a modern twist
By combining modern production methods with more time-honored techniques, Istanbul Agop is able to make its new Xist range substantially cheaper than its usual cymbals

Dry Dark Crashes: Papery thin with an explosive, trashy attack and fast decay and light riding. Also works well as stacked crash.

Dry Dark Rides: dry, well defined attack with a quick and musical decay and mellow crash. Akin to the sound of many classic breakbeats and sought after jazz ride sounds.

Dry Dark 13" Hats: Pointed, dark and trashy attack with a quick decay. Insert an additional 13” Dry Dark Crash resting in the bottom cymbal for even greater attack, a more prominent chick sound and quicker decay, or use it as an alternate bottom cymbal for a low volume, soft hi hat pairing with balanced sticking and a relatively low pitch. When not used as a Hi Hat pair, the top cymbal makes for a quick and trashy crash and the bottom can be used as an accent bell.
Headphones recommended:
Zildjian K Constantinoples
in Stock Now
Constantinople was the ancient heart of the Byzantine Empire, what is now Istanbul, Turkey. It’s also the place where the Zildjian K. was created more than a century ago. The sound was rediscovered in the 1950s and ’60s by many of the legendary jazz drummers of the seminal be-bop era. Today’s Constantinople line recreates the original recipe that became such a signature sound in jazz music.

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Diddle Shirt
Practice (shed) inspiration

Paradiddle patterns cascade down the shirt

(32 note pattern is: paradiddle root position + the 3 permutations)


Shed Diddles Front
Stebal 25th Anniversary Back

Sonor One of a Kind 2018 Mango Limited Edition 13x7 Snare Drum
(New Old Stock)
Sonor One of a Kind 2018 Mango Limited Edition 13x7 Snare Drum

Handcrafted Masterpiece
With naturally grown veneers making every single snare drum unique.  
Sonor selected a special tree for each model, the veneer panels of which are shaped by their master drum maker - not only on the outside of the boiler, but also on the inside!
Sonor's  High-gloss painting process brings depth into the already noble wooden surfaces - a SONOR trademark. For the first time - using hybrid shells made of maple and birch, resp. Maple and beech, which also complement the "one of a kind" snare drums from previous years. The iconic mallet logo on the nameplates is made from the same wood as the veneer of the snare drum itself.
  • Sonor OOAK 18 1307 SDW Mango
  • black chrome-plated surface
  • 13 x 7
  • maple / beech
  • 9 layers
  • outside high gloss mango veneer
  • inside semi gloss mango veneer
  • inside 7 mm
  • 16 individual clamping lugs
  • snare throw-off - dual glide system
  • snare wires Sound Wires 18 spirals, steel
  • bearing edge 45 °
  • SONOR batter head by Remo Ambassador, coated white
  • resonanant head SONOR by Remo Ambassador 
  • cast hoops
  • includes hardcase and Sonor box with certificate
  • new MSRP was $3199.

Sale Price: $ 1895.

Stebal Drums 25th Anniversary Snare Drum
Limited Edition

In celebration of Stebal Drums
25th Year in the Drum Biz!
w/24 Karat Gold Hardware
w/Black Nickel Hardware
The Shell:
DW 6.5x14 Black Nickel over Brass Snare Drum w/Gold or Black Nickel Hardware - Hand Engraved by John Aldridge
The Engraving:
Drum Industry legend, John Aldridge, is an accomplished hand engraver and has mastered the techniques used by his drum engraving predecessors of the 1920s-30s. Although there are machines that can engrave now, nothing can reproduce the strokes and appearance of the the archaic wriggle style, so John prefers to stay with the time tested method of hand engraving. There are no machines, powered tools, or any other devices other than a few small wood handled blades used in this approach! His work has been sought after by many high profile drummers as well as vintage drum collectors throughout the world.

 John has produced numerous versions of the Ludwig Black Beauty with the Ludwig Drum Company, starting with the 1990 reintroduction of hand engraving to Ludwig. Since 1999, he has served as the exclusive engraver of the Black Beauty snare drum, completing the 90th Anniversary model, the 2005-2007 Limited edition, and the latest Black Beauty 100th Anniversary Limited Edition snare drums. But Ludwig is not the only company to take advantage of John's engraving services. In late 1989, John opened the door for his first custom jobs and engraved a few drums for Drum Workshop's top endorsers. Most of his early production involved doing aftermarket engraving on drums for individuals and drum shops. Since that time, John has been the prime source for drum companies looking to enhance their product offerings with engraving. From the hoops for Johnny Craviotto's prestigious Lake Superior snare drums, to Slingerland's Copper and Brass Beauties, to Tama's Kenny Aronoff Trackmaster limited, to Ludwig's 90th-100th Anniversary model snare drums, John has worked with most major manufacturers of metal snare drums in the music industry.

 John is also the founder of Not So Modern Drummer Magazine , and is the REO Speedwagon drum tech (15yrs)

Free 25th Anniversary T-Shirt with Snare Dum Purchase
(Also available separately)

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