Feb. 12, 2015 
Welcome to Week 4 of the Legislative Hubbub!
Most of the hubbub this week was over some more controversial bills, including a bill revising last year's aboveground storage tank bill, the prevailing wage bill, and the pain-capable unborn child bill.

In all of that hubbub, you might not have heard about movement on two issues that are of great relevance to community development: food hub cooperative business, and the Affordable Housing Trust Fund bill.

This week we'll bring you up to date on those issues, share an update on the net metering issue from a guest columnist, and share tips on how you can stay involved.

Major Conversations this week at the Legislature
Affordable Housing: Community pressure forces review of Trust Fund proposal
Over the past few weeks, organizations that provide or support affordable housing programs across West Virginia have been raising their voices about a proposed new legislation that would change the Affordable Housing Trust Fund. 

Cooperative Food Bill moves closer to passage
The Senate Natural Resources Committee passed SB 352 this week, amending the producer cooperative statute to include additional classes and member groups in the local foods arena. 

What could this mean for the state's food and agriculture industry? Read our thorough analysis at The Hub Blog.

Cheers to that: Craft brewers bill a boost for economy

The state's burgeoning craft beer brewing industry received a boost yesterday, with the Senate Economic Development Committee passing a bill that would, among other things, allow brewers and brewpubs to sell beer in growlers, lower licensing fees and ease restrictions in current state law.


"It will be a great opportunity to enhance economic development in West Virginia," said Chuck Johnson of the West Virginia Craft Brewers Guild.


Read Phil Kabler's story in the Charleston Gazette for more.


Turn This Town Around Day at the Legislature

The Hub is hosting community members from Grafton, Matewan, Ripley and Whitesville at the Legislature on Monday, Feb. 23 for Turn This Town Around Day at the Legislature.


Turn This Town Around teams will meet with their local legislators and be recognized on the floor of the Legislature for their leadership in community development. Teams will also share lessons and ideas with each other during the day.


Nearly 100 Turn This Town Around participants have signed up to attend the Day at the Legislature, including a large contingent of students from Ripley High School. We are looking forward to a successful and exciting event!


If you have questions about Turn This Town Around Day, contact Amanda Yager.

Tools for you: News sources for WV politics
It can be hard to stay on top of the flurry of information
coming out of the legislature this time of year.
How can you weed through the rhetoric and slice through the noise?
What are the best resources out there to get timely, up-to-date information about what is moving, what is stalled and what fireworks
happen each day at the Capitol?

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