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August Newsletter
Issue #2018-08
August, 2018
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Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year at Seneca High School. We are preparing for lots of fall activities and want you to be part of the effort to help students at Seneca be ready for a world beyond high school. Come to our next meeting on September 4, 6:00, in the Band/Orchestra Room.
Hall of Fame News!

The long-awaited list of honorees for this year's Seneca Hall of Fame is published!  The people shown below will be honored at this year's Hall of Fame banquet on Saturday, October 20, at 6:00pm.  The festivities will again be held at the University of Louisville Alumni Club.  More details to follow on the availability of tickets.  Congratulations to these well-deserving recipients!

Mildred Kraft, teacher and yearbook sponsor
Martha Layne Collins, teacher and former Kentucky governor
Pat Finney Singer '61
Alvin Smith '62
Elaine Munsey Tobin '62
Jerry Steinberg '62
Jay Maitland Young '62
Chuck Babcock '62
Milt Miller '63
Anna Smulowitz '65
Maxine Cohen '65
Marcia Lipetz '65
Gail Ritchie Henson '69
Carey Eaves '69
Karen Griffin Tate '69
Scott Applewhite '69
Barry Willett '75
Mark Dant '77
Seneca's Own Honor Flight Hero

MGySgt. William S. Taylor (Bill Taylor), a Seneca Ma rine Instructor recently had the honor of being involved with and participating in the Bluegrass Honor Flight.  If you don't know of  Honor Flights, know that they are an extreme honor. The flights periodically take war veterans (WWII, Korean and Vietnam War) to Washington DC to tour the war monuments that are set in place for their service. They are honored for their service and then return home that night. When they return home to Louisville International Airport, there is a crowd filled with family members, friends, veterans and all types of military enthusiasts. The "Coming Home" veterans are welcomed as they come through the TSA checkpoint with flags, banners, balloons, applause, cheers, etc.

Seneca's own Top Taylor (from ROTC in the 1970's and 1980's) was able to participate in the Honor Flight in July.  Alison Porter learned that he was participating and organized a welcoming party of many Seneca Alumni when he returned to Louisville.  If you want to see some of the photos, click here.
Reunion Information

If your class is having a reunion this year please let us know.  We would like to help you!  The only reunions we know about to-date are shown below.  If your class is missing, please let us know so that we can add reunion information.

Class of 1966 - 70th Birthday Party!! -  Plans have been set!  On October 6 t he evening gathering for all will be at Owl Creek Lodge. There will be a catered casual meal and birthday cake. Earlier in the day we will have a guided tour of Seneca, and after that the ladies will have a luncheon of their own. And the best part of all this is the main event and is free to the 1966 graduate.

Emails, including a form, have been sent to all those graduates for whom we have addresses. If you haven't received that email, then send a quick request to [email protected], and one will be sent to you. It's necessary that we know how many to expect as we have obligations to venues and the caterer. Just because you said you could attend via Facebook, you still need to turn in the form.

Class of 1978 - 40th reunion -  It's time to order tickets for the first weekend in November!! Go to the website below and get ALL of the information on our Forty Year Reunion! Buy your Tickets Now! You can even order a Lonesome Polecat Seneca T-shirt (red with gold Lonesome) as pictured at the bottom of the page on the website under Tickets. Please pass this information along to other classmates and friends from Central! Tell our Teachers too!   Check out the reunion web site at our Reunion Website.  The email for questions is  [email protected].

Class of 1983 - 35th  Contact Craig Garrison at his email -  [email protected] - if you are interested in assisting with the reunion planning or for more information.
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Sam Denny provides us with another thought-provoking story.

Do you like to play B-I-N-G-O? Join us at Seneca Past and Present sessions held every Thursday and Saturday nights at 7:30. The fun is at Sunshine Bingo Center at 5712 Outer Loop.

Don't forget to indicate Seneca Past and Present as your charity of choice when registering for a Kroger Plus Card.  If you don't have one, you can go here to register.
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