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May 5, 2011
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From Sallie

June 11th!

Want to help Committed to Freedom raise some much needed cash? We knew you did! That's why we're declaring June 11th our First Annual Walkabout Runaround. Here's how it works:

  • You go for a walk or a run on June 11th. (Bicycling or Swimming works too!)
  • Set a fund raising goal to know how many sponsors and miles you'll need to meet it.
  • You ask your friends and family to sponsor you per mile (or kilometer) and let them know how many miles (km.) you plan to walk or run.

Your friends and family - who will be overjoyed at this opportunity to support a cause that is close to your heart - will commit to sponsor you and then send in their tax deductible sponsorship to Committed to Freedom or give it to you send it in for them.


We'll send a fabulous Walkabout Runaround T-Shirt after we receive your $15 registration! You'll look GREAT wearing it as you walkabout or runaround!


For more information, click here.

Only ONE Beyond Abuse Retreat in 2011
Click here to watch this brief video about the upcoming retreat


The retreat is scheduled for June 3-5 in Staten Island, NY. The retreat is for BOTH men and women. Click Here for more information will be posted soon, along with an online registration form. 

We will have only one retreat in 2011, due to the expense of facilities, so please get the word out and make plans to attend.

If you'd like more information, please contact us.  
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We hope you find this brief weekly article encouraging for you or someone you know who is working to move beyond abuse.

by Sallie Culbreth, Founder

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I am the queen of rationalization. I can talk myself in to or out of almost anything. It's definitely a character flaw of mine that I have to actively fight. For example, I've been trying to shed a few pounds lately. It's not really rocket science. Eat less, exercise more. Pretty simple formula, actually. But for me, it's so difficult to connect that slice of pizza with its ultimate destination of an extra pound or two. So, I'm suddenly overwhelmed with the long road ahead to drop that weight. I look at the extra-large-portion pizza slice and shrug my shoulders. My internal dialogue is saying something like "This is too hard and will take too long and it doesn't matter if you need to lose weight and this one slice of pizza won't do too much harm." Then, I surrender to that dialogue and to the pizza. Of course, the minute I do, I'm kicking myself from here to Toledo (and I live a long, long way from there!) because it DOES matter. For my health, for my self-image, and for my closet of clothes I can't wear at the moment . . . it matters!

The issues you struggle with as you walk this long and often painful journey beyond abuse can activate the same kind of internal dialogue. Your rage issues. Your intimacy issues. Your self-injury issues. Your parenting issues. Your addiction issues. Your ___________________ (fill in the blank) issues. Each of these is like a spot that has been rubbed raw by abuse's legacy. It takes a while to heal back to wholeness. The effort - which others may not fully appreciate - can be overwhelming. Those inner-drive-human- sacrifices you might have to make can be so exhausting and so enormous, you might hear the blare and blast of the ". . . it doesn't matter" monster pushing on that tender place trying to convince you to give in just this once.


You convince yourself that you'll hunker down the next time and beat this thing. Of course the minute you throw that plate across the room or slice your flesh open with a razor blade or drink that entire bottle of wine, that lovely little monster voice condemns you. It convinces you that you're never going to get over anything. You're never going to conquer anything. That you've been conquered by the damage of someone else's sins and that's the way it is.

Encouraging or discouraging - or both - we at Committed to Freedom consistently refer to this as a journey beyond abuse. It is a treacherous path filled with land mines, robbers, and critics. Fair or not, just or unjust, that's what it is - a long, difficult trek more exhausting than any hike up Mount Everest could ever be. It's so easy to roll over and play with that "It doesn't matter" monster. But you and I both know it does matter. It matters a lot!

So I've been conquered by pizza on more than one occasion, but I've also gotten pretty mouthy with the "It doesn't matter" monster. I've still got giants to slay, but after years of walking this journey beyond abuse, I've broken in my slingshot quite nicely and pelted more than one of those enormous beasts right between the eyes. I can look back to all of those tiny, microscopic decisions when I declared, "It DOES matter!" and see a slow, thorough rebuilding of my life. That's the beauty of maturing and becoming healthier. To know that it DOES matter. It matters very much - not only to you, but to everyone you're in a relationship with. 

With Peace and Gratitude

Sallie Culbreth, Founder
Anne Quinn,Co-Director

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May 15 - Message by Sallie Culbreth, High Mountain Church of the Nazarene, North Haladon, NJ. Contact the church office at hmchurchoffice@optonline.net
May 26 - Committed to Freedom presentation, 7:30 am, Hot Springs Village Rotary Club, Hot Springs Village, AR.
June 3-5 - Beyond Abuse Retreat for BOTH men and women, Staten Island, NY. Contact Anne at information@committedtofreedom.org
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