It is crunch time for local families.

Children are either back in school or soon will be. Parents will be able to seek a new job or a better job now that they don't have to home school their children. They need jobs, fast.

These parents are also confronting rising prices for food, gas, and medical care. The rent is also coming due.

They are the working poor. They need help.
They turn to Christian HELP.

"I'm a single mom of three. The food allowed me to refocus my limited funds on other expenses."

"We are barely able to cover rent. Getting food from the pantry allows us to cover our bills."

These families can only turn to Christian HELP because of you.

Let's keep preventing homelessness! Let's empower families!
Help families Make the Grade this summer.

Take a look at what your support provided in July.

Every dollar changes lives.
Are you hiring or looking to get hired?

Dozens of companies ready to hire meet with hundreds of job seekers face to face at the job fairs!

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