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Heritage Weekend & Classic 2017
Encore at Wynn Las Vegas
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Last year's Heritage Weekend & Classic is a hard act to follow, but this year will be even better yet! Join us at the luxurious Encore at Wynn Las Vegas for what will be an incredible fun time with our parea. Las Vegas is simmering now, but it will have perfect weather in October to celebrate Hellenic heritage with your family and parea.  

The Telly Savalas Memorial Classic golf tournament is just one of several sports, leisure and fun activities you, your family, and parea will enjoy.  

Spend time at one of the nation's top-ranked spas, sit poolside, or have fun with your parea exploring the desert on a hike, by jeep, or on a dune buggy. You can also race the latest model Ferrari! These are just a highlight of the offered  à  l a carte activities.

Master chef Diane Kochilas will join us for a  cooking demonstration, the star of the upcoming 13-series PBS special, My Greek Table, co-sponsored by NHS. Charles Stanley, President of the De Beers "Forevermark" brand, will also join us for a gemology master class. You will explore
the journey of these exclusive diamonds from mine to market and see millions of dollars worth of the rarest gems. 

Join us in welcoming world-renown physician, pioneer of integrative medicine and personal transformation,  co-founder of the Chopra Center for Wellbeing,  Dr. Deepak Chopra.
Deepak Chopra will be joined by co-author, Dr. Menas Kafatos, to discuss the New York Times bestseller, You are the Universe.
Dr. Chopra and Dr. Kafatos will be featured among an amazing roster of speakers discussing a broad range of themes that you will find informative, inspiring, and relevant.

For NHS members and guests who would like to compete in this year's Telly Savalas Memorial Classic, get ready for a wonderful experience at the South Pacific award-winning Bali Hai Golf Club!
Panel Presentations

Heritage & Culture:  The world's leading expert archaeologists, scholars and authors will take you on an odyssey of exploration, discovery and inspiration.

Women's Forum:  Explore the issues, challenges and opportunities that women face in the modern business world.
Science & Medicine:  Hear from amazing researchers, entrepreneurs and visionaries including a world renown particle physicist, a leading developer of robotics and artificial intelligence, a dermatologist leading the discovery of alternative hair growth products and procedures and one of the earliest engineers and developers of the internet.

Democracy Forum:  Elections throughout the world including in the U.S. have stunned the experts--are we witnessing a shift--join several former members of the U.S. Senate, Congress and a world renown author and Stanford professor discuss the notion of democracy's evolution

Under 40 Panel: Designed to engage a dialogue and discussion among young professionals attending Heritage Weekend featuring highly successful entrepreneurs sharing their insights and pathways to success.

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