Volume 14 | Issue 10.1 | 1 October 2019

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Wine Kitz Ottawa  is pleased to offer the 2020 Passport Series™, a selective collection focusing solely on exclusive and unique, high quality limited release wines. 

Our  Passport Series ™ celebrates ultra premium wines from some of the most prominent and respected wine growing regions, each year featuring unique and exciting new selections of world class offerings. 

Available for just a short time each year, and  by reservation only , the exclusive  Passport Series ™ strives to take our customers on a new and exhilarating journey every year, making this collection a highly sought after one-of-a-kind wine experience.

(Provence, France)
Release Date  December 2019

(Provence, France)
Release Date  January 2020

(Chiva, Spain/Riverland, Australia)
Release Date  February 2020

(Curico Valley, Chile)
Release Date  March 2020

CLICK HERE  for more information and pricing  on these exceptional wines (as well as the commercial comparable wines if you'd like to try before you buy).

Call or  email  to preorder yours today.

All kits make 30-750ml bottles of wine. A winery fee of $55.00 per batch applies to all wines made in store.
Don't Miss Out On This
Time Limited Special Release
Whisky Barrel Shiraz
One of the newest trends in red wines is whisky barrel oaked. Which means you're going to love our Whisky Barrel Shiraz .

The ripe dark fruit and juicy berries flavours in this limited release wine are complemented by vanilla, subtle smokiness and herbal notes from our genuine unpeated Whisky oak. Expect bold, full bodied structure with firm tannins and a smooth finish.
This  Limited Release Atmosphere  wine is not to be missed!

Drop in today to get one started!

Our Atmosphere wine kits make 30-750ml bottles of wine.
A winery fee of $55.00 per batch applies to all wines made in store.
Best Gift Ever!
Introducing DIY My Wine Co™

As seen on Amazon.ca.
No need to order on line.
Makes a great gift!

$30.00 (really!)

ALL-IN-ONE!  Each kit contains everything you need to master at-home wine making.

IT’S AS EASY AS 1,2,3!
  • MIX: Combine juice and wine ingredients;
  • WAIT: Allow wine to ferment and clear;
  • ENJOY: Fill the serving bag and enjoy!

The only all-in-one wine making kit that makes 4 litres of quality wine in a convenient bag-in-box format in just 3 weeks .

Seriously Simple!

Click here to learn more about DIY My Wine Co™ and why you're going to want to pick a few of these up.

Yes, Christmas Is Coming
Again this year we enjoyed a long, lazy summer that at one point seemed never ending. So for many of us our thoughts have only recently (and reluctantly) turned to the quickly approaching holiday season. 
So, if you've not yet had a chance to get your holiday wines started, this is the time to do it. Dither no more!

Come on in or give us a call, and we'll get you all set up in no time.
Christmas Gifts
Cleaning and Storing Your Bottles
We know that preparing your bottles for bottling can seem to be an overwhelming task, but it really does not need to be a chore.

Being inherently lazy by nature, I'm always looking for the easiest way. This is what works best for me: 

As soon as you empty a wine bottle, just put an inch or two of water in it right away. When you're ready to clean and store it (maybe even a few days later), simply rinse the bottle  thoroughly  with  hot  water until it runs perfectly clear, remove the label, and store the bottle upside down in your wine box. 

Cleaned bottles stored upside down will ensure dust or insects cannot contaminate them. And they'll be ready without any additional preparation to bring back to  Wine Kitz Ottawa  to be sanitized for your next bottling.

If you have some bottles that are very dirty, soak them overnight in a solution of hot water, bleach and dishwasher detergent. You may need a bottle brush to reach the stubborn spots.  Never use dish or hand soap  to wash your bottles. Rinse your cleaned bottles well and store them upside down in your wine box.

It's important to know that it  only takes 1 dirty bottle  to contaminate your entire batch of wine at bottling and  void our guarantee .

We'd hate to have that happen to you.

Click here  for tips on  removing labels .
October Wines Of The Month
Cabernet Sauvignon
10% Off During October

Every month we feature a red and white wine from both our Atmosphere (full-bodied) and  Traditional Vintage (medium-bodied) collections at 10% off the regular kit price.

If you love these wines or have been wanting to try them, don't miss out on these savings!

Click here   for more information on our  Wines Of The Month .
Sale ends on the last day of the sale month. Cannot be combined with any other discount or offer. Offer available while supplies last.
Thanksgiving Hours
Wine Kitz Ottawa will be  closed 
Sunday, October 13
Monday, October 14
for the Thanksgiving Holiday.
As you know, as a practicing Sommelier I never get tired of tasting wines. I make a point of participating in tasting events at least a couple of times a month so I can ensure every wine we custom make for you is comparable to (and in many cases so much better than) the commercial wines available through government outlets. 

Wine Kitz Ottawa has welcomed dozens of new customers over the past few months, most of whom have been referred by current customers. We love when you share stories of serving your  Wine Kitz  wines to guests who rave about our product, and I love when they bring in a favourite commercial wine for me to match and are blown away by the results.

The  Wine Kitz Ottawa team works hard seven days a week to provide superior customer service and superior wines to every one of our customers. We appreciate your trust in us and love having you drop by to visit.
I hope you have an opportunity to share good stories, good laughs and good wines with friends and family this coming Thanksgiving. There is so much to be thankful for.


Linda LeGroulx
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" Let us drink wine to remember what kind of mystical beauties life offers us,
and to comprehend what sort of magic potions existence has!"
Mehmet Murat ildan, (Turkish Playwright & Novelist)