What a long strange week is has been! 
For almost two weeks, our private weather forecast service talked about the threat of snow and cold weather in mid-January and the local news and national weather service started talking about it in their 7 day forecasts. However, as of last Tuesday afternoon, the forecast was for 1-2 inches. Nobody predicted the +/- 12 inches we received throughout metro area. The city was not prepared for that much snow and even if it was predicted, we or the city, county or state road crews could have been prepared for what was one of our top five snow events of all times. 
We pride ourselves in our ability to prep for and handle clearing snow and ice for our customers. When the snow started falling Tuesday evening and the forecast quickly changed to include significant snow, we rallied. We called in all our employees, contacted our 'Friends and Family' group and contacted our rental equipment providers and subcontractors. All of which rallied in the wee hours of the night. Many of our rental equipment providers and subs mobilized in the middle of night to get equipment out. Our 'Friends and Family' group are people our employees know who work in other contracting trades who can't work during the snow and come work for us and did overnight. Many of our employees worked double shifts to help keep us operating 24/7 through the storm. At the height of the storm, we had 30 plows and loaders operating round the clock and over 100 people working on our team. Half of which were subcontractors and friends and family.
With all that resource and sacrifice, we sadly did not get to all sites as quickly as we had wished. For that we are eternally sorry. We began clearing while the storm was still going but full clearing of a foot of snow takes time. We worked with many of our clients to prioritize their most critical areas but the enormity of the snow took several days to clear. We hoped we could have cleared more quickly but storms of that magnitude take time. We are working to learn from this years event to hopefully be better prepared in the future but need to acknowledge that it may not be possible to clear an epic storm like this one as fast as we all would wish. The other problem is that it occurs so infrequently that the resources need just don't exist. Please give us any specific feedback you might have about your property.

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