Life gives us many options. Whatever you choose it takes stamina to succeed. We honor and support all
 those who push forward to reach their goal.
November 2016

It Takes Stamina 

Going through a cancer experience 
Is like playing a football game.
It's hard on your body, soul and mind,
And you wonder if you'll ever be the same?

Determination and stamina you do need
As well as a spirit of never give up
There are many teammates that stand with you
And they daily will fill your cup.

We all support our football teams
But the cancer warriors we support too.
Through chemo,surgery or radiation
My Blue Dots is there for you.

Be it with research,our pins,ornaments and books
Or with buildings that uplift the soul.
Curing cancer is our mission
And we're sticking to this important goal.

© Sue McCollum

Message from
               Sue McCollum
Dear Friends,

     Our goal is two fold: to support cancer research as well as to support those cancer warriors going through a cancer challenge. These are some of our programs and it also takes stamina. The My Blue Dots Endowed Fund, supporting research, Camp Kesem, a camp for children whose parents have cancer, St. Luke's Wood River Hospital in Ketchum, Idaho, and the Department of Radiation Oncology at Stanford University Medical Center. We are honored to support the hard work and stamina of each organization .

Cancer will be cured someday....and that day is coming soon.
Until Next Time...          

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A delightful children's book explaining what the blue dots are and to open up the conversation as to what their parent is going through.

Many wear our pins to say that, "We are Standing With You" 
a you go through your cancer challenge.

Dr. Albert Koong and Dr. Erinn Rankin 

We have supported the research work of Dr. Albert Koong for twenty years as well as Dr. Erinn Rankin and their teams at Stanford University.  For more 
informations about their work please visit: 

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