As the days get longer, but not necessarily warmer, it can feel a bit disorienting these last few weeks of Winter. We may be ready to come out of hibernation but not quite sure what lies ahead, and are perhaps a little anxious with the unknown new beginnings and rebirth happening in Spring. It's an in-between kind of place, especially now with all that's going on with our country. It seems us humans have a hard time with that, even more so when we have instant information and directions on just about everything quite literally at our fingertips - but there's no app to guide us on the evolution of our own unique life ! For that we need to go inward and connect to a deeper place within, and trust the process of a greater force without, which is what this week's PGG is about. Check out this Instagram post of how a sunset can be a reminder about your connection with something bigger than yourself, and this week's PGG Video of the week where I talk about how to go with the flow. As always, please feel free to contact me with any comments about anything I'm doing. Big hug <3 Kristina
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It Takes Two to Tango
Originally published November 12, 2013

I always like to remind folks who attend my talks that we are living in extraordinary times. Now more than ever we need to listen to our hearts and march to the beat of our own drum. Yet we are not solo performers on this stage – but more like duets, with the Universe as our partner – in what I like to think of life as the dance of life. There is ebb and flow, push and pull, reap and sow.

In our technologically advanced, left-brain evolved world, we think we can do more and know all the answers in making things happen for ourselves. But the truth is that we are only half the equation: the Universe, with its great unknown and unseen power, process and nature, is the other half.

There is a sublime order to things in our world if we only allow ourselves to honor it , regardless of how long our journey takes or what form or shape the fruit of it bears – and the Universe always knows better than our little pea brains. There is a method to its seeming madness and oft-lengthy timeline, but the more we resist its infinite wisdom, the more we suffer, the more mess is made, the more there is to clean up, and the longer it can take to get back on track.

Instead, we must learn to go with the flow – not in a loosey-goosey kind of way , but with faith and confidence, like a farmer planting his seeds, in knowing that the sun will rise tomorrow and that what comes up must come down.

Any artist, dancer, musician or athlete understands that practice and technique will only get you so far; at some point you have to let go and allow the Universe do its thing. In other words, no matter what you are working toward – getting a new job, growing a business, reaching health goals, or improving relationships – you need to simply “do your best and surrender the rest.”

If you haven’t seen the external results you desire, take a moment to slow down and reflect. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll notice you’ve been undergoing some major inner reconstructing and re-arranging of molecules, experiencing a deep emotional and mental detox encouraging you to let go of the past in order to move forward; this too is part of the dance. Sound familiar? If not, and you’ve been feeling blocked at every turn, ignoring the call to do this type of internal work is probably to blame , and is easy to correct.

The beauty of dancing with the big U is that that once you get in sync with it, things actually get in sync with you , and stuff starts to happen, as I always say, “in time and on time” – and often more miraculously than you could have ever imagined.

Not sure of what steps to take next or feeling like you wanna rock right now?  It Takes Two to make a thing go right, so give me a buzz and I’ll help you make it outta sight!

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(It's a soft launch/work in progress so let me know what you think!)

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