RUSH Construction and Dr. Frank G. Ditz, "Making a Difference" for the Suntree and Viera Communities
RUSH and Dr. Ditz_ Making a Difference
They say it takes a village to build a community. RUSH Construction, Inc., a local contractor, is not only building structures to enhance the community, it believes in building dreams for people. Since he was four years old, Frank G. Ditz, M.D., has had audacious dreams, and, thanks to RUSH, he is currently experiencing one of these dreams in the form of a new, state-of-the art medical facility for his family practice serving the Suntree and Viera communities.
RUSH Marine Hard at Work Improving Cove Embankments for the Canaveral Port Authority
RUSH Marine is working to remove and repair approximately 200 LF of slope embankment within the Canaveral Port Harbor. The work includes re-moving approximately 450 tons of existing rip-rap from the slope on to a barge, and install geotextile fabric, bedding stone, rip-rap, fill dirt, ArmoFlex 50 open cell block mats to refurbish the slope embankment back to its original condition.

RUSH Marine comes with an experienced management team specializing in serving the needs of a diverse client base including NASA, USAGE, Canaveral Port Authority, Jacksonville Port Authority, FOOT, City of Savannah, Indian River County and NuStar Energy.
RUSH Welcomes New Project Manager,
Douglas "Conrad" Wilson

With a wide range of construction experience, including as a laborer, heavy equipment operator, superintendent, estimator, and project manager, Conrad Wilson has worked in the construction industry since 1991. His extensive knowledge of healthcare related construction, facilities operations, commercial construction, renovation, and build out makes Conrad a valued and versatile addition to the RUSH Construction project team. 

In addition to spending time with his three daughters, Conrad enjoys meditation, reading, archery, fishing, and video games. He is also a published and award-winning musician/songwriter with an impressive history of touring and playing original music.

Podcast Episode:  "Never Go Wrong by Doing the Right Thing"
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As a guest on the podcast, John Murphy International, RUSH President & CEO William Chivers discusses the history of RUSH, thoughts on leadership, and the pivotal transfer of being owner-owned to being an employee-owned firm. 
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