It all lies in the power of words.

Words are important for connecting with chapter members. The influence of  words is enormous and limitless.  Words breathe life into ideas and motivate people to action.   Words are powerful tools for leadership, and they must be used well. Whether to build morale, motivate, or get people to engage; words carry weights of influence. Choose to use your words wisely because the types of words leaders use can make all the difference in the world.

Words spoken by leaders have POWER
Because you are a leader, your words can build up or tear down. They can stoke or dampen enthusiasm.  Your words can bring out the best or worst in people.  The right words will make you a more effective leader - so pay attention to the words you use. 

Words to use:
1. You - The most important word as you are talking about a person's favorite subject.
2. Sorry - A mark of a leader's character is when they can simply apologize.
3. Help - Ask for help from members  (I need your help) and be quick to offer help.
4. And - The word "and" is inclusive. It expands; it connects; it joins.  
5. Tell me more -  Resist saying "no"- you should say "tell me more" which indicates you are seeking understanding and withholding judgement and are in a listening mode.

Words not to use:
1. Busy - Never say or complain about how busy you are. (use: juggling a few different situations)
2. Interesting - This word is like "um" or "like". (use: profound, thought-provoking)
3. Never - This word is limiting. (use: rarely, given the circumstances)
4. Done - Your work is never done. (use: almost there, work in progress)
5. Wrong - This word is disheartening. (use: on the right track, not quite)

MASTER YOUR WORDS. The results will be worth it.