The Future of Cleaning is here! 

ICEsonic USA supplies environmentally safe dry ice blasting equipment and accessories: powerful single hose and double hose machines, guns, nozzles, hoses. 

The ICEsonic DRY ICE+ utilizes dry ice with addition of an abrasive, and is simply attached to all standard ICEsonic dry ice blasters. 
Perfect for cleaning your plastic production equipment without damage or wear!

ICEsonic Dry Ice Blasting Systems are known worldwide.  We are offering not only high quality dry ice blasting equipment, but also a very professional distribution network and technical experts in service centers worldwide. ICEsonic continues to create innovations in equipment design, durability and engineering that make advanced cleaning technology affordable for today's economic climate.
  • Affordable: 30% - 50% less $$ than competitors
  • Rugged: 304 Argon Welded Stainless Steel
  • Simple: Only the Essentials
  • Lightweight & Compact
  • Easily Maneuvered On Jobs
  • Broad Range of Jobs
  • Worldwide Support
ICEsonic USA
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