The Swift Flowing River: Fall 2018
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While there are concerns over zebra and quagga mussels entering Saskatchewan waters, Renny Grilz (SSRWSI North Watershed Area Director) from the Meewasin Valley Authority says there are other invasive species of concerns – including fish and turtles.
The Flood Damage Reduction Program (FDRP) has been initiated in 2018. This program is an annual transition from the Emergency Flood Damage Reduction Program (EFDRP) that deals only with imminent flood risk. The FDRP provides cost share funding for implementing proactive flood damage prevention or reduction measures for urban municipalities (cities, towns and villages) and rural municipalities (hamlets) that face a risk of suffering recurrent flood damage in the future.
From the coffee we drink, to the water we brush our teeth with, our daily routines are linked to watersheds. Whether we live in town or out, the health of our watersheds impact our daily lives.
Safe drinking water is important to all Saskatchewan residents. The Saskatchewan Disease Control Laboratory has been testing water quality in the province since 1905. The laboratory performs a wide range of bacteriological and chemical tests on drinking water supplies, such as drinking water, surface water, groundwater, and sewage water.
Taking care of our beautiful province is a task that has been set before every resident of this great province. Recycle Saskatchewan (RS) exists for the promotion of responsible recycling in Saskatchewan.
A survey of flowering rush populations along the South Saskatchewan River was conducted August 15th and 16th. The survey started at the Old Train Bridge at the Forks of the Red Deer River and the South Saskatchewan River and went as far as the Lemsford Ferry Crossing.
Photo (above): Day 2, staff from Ministry of Environment and Agriculture and Swift Current Creek and South Sask River Watersheds
The last few months have been busy for the Agri-Environmental technicians. Besides doing Farm Stewardship and Farm and Ranch Water applications, presentations have been made at RM and ratepayer meetings. 
Cheque presentation from the South Sask River Watershed Stewards to Beardy’s and Okemasis’ Cree Nation. Funds were the final installment from an EcoAction Canada grant for Source Water Protection work.
2018 WAC Meeting
The SSRWSI board meeting was held on August 2, 2018 in Cudworth, Sask. The regular board meeting was followed by a North Watershed Advisory Committee meeting where presentations were made by Chelsea Baraniecki about the new Plant Health Officer roles and Murray Suchan, WSA, who gave an update on the new Agriculture Water Management Strategy.
Do you have an abandoned water well that needs to be decommissioned or source water concerns within your community? Would you like us to attend and present at a council meeting? Contact us!
T (306) 460-4987
T (306) 291-7499
Do you have erosion along a stream, creek or river?
Projects & Programs
RMs can agree to be responsible for decommissioning abandoned water wells within their municipality and receive cost-shared funding. For more information contact Leah at 306-291-7499 or Kerry at 306-460-4987.
If you are:

  • Returning home from out of province
  • Visiting from out of province
  • Moving between waters within Saskatchewan

Please follow these important steps to help protect Saskatchewan waters from invasive species
September 23

World Rivers Day is a celebration of the world’s waterways. It highlights the many values of our rivers, strives to increase public awareness, and encourages the improved stewardship of all rivers around the world.

How is your community celebrating?
October 1 - 3
Park Town Hotel
Saskatoon, SK

A multitude of dams are found along our rivers throughout the Prairie Provinces – rivers both large and small. Dams are constructed for a variety of reasons – to create reservoirs to use for electrical generation, water use and recreation, dams to create wetland areas for waterfowl and wildlife, and dams to control water drainage.
West Watershed Advisory Committee Meeting
November 7
Leader, SK (tentative)

More information to come.
Catch up with colleagues in your area and get updated on the latest developments in waste and recycling for Saskatchewan.

November 6
Coronet Hotel (formerly the Travelodge)
Prince Albert, SK

November 14
Kindersley Inn, Kindersley, SK
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Membership is open to Urban and Rural Municipalities, First Nations, and Special Interest Groups that are within the South Saskatchewan River Watershed.

To renew or apply for a 2018 Membership in the SSRWSI, please contact Shauna Prokopchuk, Association Manager, via email at

2018 SSRWSI Members
Urban Municipalities

City of Saskatoon
Resort Village of Shields
Resort Village of Thode
Town of Cudworth
Town of Kindersley
Town of Leader
Town of Osler
Town of Rosthern
Village of Alvena
Village of Loreburn
Village of Riverhurst

Special Interest Group

Meewasin Valley Authority
Rural Municipalities

RM of Chesterfield No 261
RM of Corman Park No 344
RM of Excelsior No 166
RM of Fertile Valley No 285
RM of Fish Creek No 402
RM of Happyland No 231
RM of Hoodoo No 401
RM of Kindersley No 290
RM of Lacadena No 228
RM of Loreburn No 254
RM of Miry Creek No 229
RM of Montrose No 315
RM of Newcombe No 260
RM of Prince Albert No 461
RM of Rosthern No 403
RM of Saskatchewan Landing No 167
RM of Snipe Lake No 259
The South Saskatchewan River Watershed
The South Saskatchewan River Watershed is the second largest watershed in Saskatchewan, covering 35,000 km2. The South Saskatchewan River in Saskatchewan is 715 km long, from the Alberta border to the confluence of the North and South Saskatchewan Rivers at "The Forks" just east of Prince Albert. It supports nearly half of Saskatchewan's total population as a source for municipal and private drinking water. The Watershed includes 54 Rural Municipalities and 81 communities, including the Cities of Saskatoon, Warman and Martensville.
Watershed Coordinators, Agri-Environmental Technical Services

 Association Manager

Marketing Communications Manager
SSRWSI Board of Directors
West Watershed Area
Lorne Janzen, Town of Kindersley
Craig Tondevold, Town of Leader

Lake Diefenbaker Watershed Area
Harold Martens, RM of Excelsior
Coy Schellenberg, RM of Victory
Les Ferguson, Pike Lake Cottage and Watershed Association

North Watershed Area
Ben Buhler, Town of Osler
Zach Jeffries, City of Saskatoon
Debbie McGuire, City of Martensville
Wayne Acorn, RM of Prince Albert
Judy Harwood, RM of Corman Park
Renny Grilz, Meewasin Valley Authority
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South Saskatchewan River Watershed Stewards Inc.
2366 Avenue C North (Norplex Business Centre), Saskatoon, SK S7L 5X5
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