Ten years ago today, April 25 th , Jeremy’s life ended tragically on a hopeful Saturday morning.  A hopeful day that started with Jeremy still battling the still incurable disease of addiction but alive and anxious about his 19 th birthday just a week away and leaving home just weeks later for basic training in the US Air Force.  Later that morning our lives were changed forever when Jeremy relapsed and died from a drug overdose. 

In an infinitesimal moment in time … Jeremy, was taken away from us.
We remember and miss Jeremy each and everyday but today as it seems on every anniversary of Jeremy’s death, we relive that day’s events.  It’s a day we remember vividly with indescribable pain and sadness.  We tell ourselves if only we could go back to that day maybe we could save Jeremy.  Then we are overwhelmed with grief knowing that we can’t.  We can tell you that there is nothing more devastating more heart wrenching than losing a child, and nothing more anguishing than the guilt that you couldn’t protect your child.
We want to express our deepest sympathy to other parents who have experienced a loss of their child no matter the circumstance. We know your pain and know that time will never completely heal your heart.  And to those parents who have not suffered this fate, we want to encourage you to cherish every moment you share with each of your children and know how blessed you are.