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Issue | March 2016

Second Chance at Adoption

Part of the DRHS mission is that every pet to have a permanent and loving home; this is why we adopted the F.A.I.R. Program (Friends Achieving Incredible Results).  Animals who have medical or behavioral concerns are placed on the program to ensure that even the most difficult-to-place animals have a second chance at adoption.

Rehabilitation programs are determined on an individual basis and enlist help  from staff, trainers, and volunteers.  Some of the reasons an animal would be on the program include:

Brandi is on the F.A.I.R. program.
  • Food Aggression
  • Resource Guarding (toys, rawhide, etc.)
  • Touch Sensitivity
  • Plays Rough
  • Shy or Timid
  • Fearful (sometimes it is stress induced)
  • Medical (heart murmur, needs dental, etc.)
  • Bite History (based by individual bite instance)

Since the F.A.I.R. Program's inception a year ago, 35 animals have been successfully adopted after going through rehabilitation.  The DRHS contacts each of the adopters for an update on the animal's behavior and to address any concerns the family may be experiencing with their new pet. All of these adopted F.A.I.R. animals continue to live in their loving forever home!


To help support our F.A.I.R program.


Springtime Ride

While most dogs love to feel the wind on their furry faces, allowing them to ride in the beds of pick-up trucks or stick their heads out of moving-car windows is dangerous. Flying debris and insects can cause inner ear or eye injuries and lung infections, and abrupt stops or turns can cause major injury, or worse! Pets riding in cars should always be secured in a crate or wearing a seatbelt harness designed especially for them.


Featured Pet

Brandi is a part of our F.A.I.R. Program for fearful behavior so we recommend she goes to a one dog home with no children under 10.

Brandi is an American Blue Heeler mix who is about one and a half years old. She has been waiting for her family to take her to her forever home. Brandi is fearful upon first meeting, but once you take her out for awhile, she warms right up.   Please give Brandi a chance and a fur-ever home!

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Monthly Wish List
 The DRHS is in need of the following items: 

Kitten Season 
With kitten season almost here, we are in need of a few items: kitten milk replacer, KMR powder and quality kitten  can food, such as Science Diet and Purina Pro Plan  (NO Fancy Feast, store brands).  These little ones need a robust and consistent diet to stay healthy.  

Interactive Dog and Cat Toys: Animals need stimulation and enrichment to stay mentally and physically healthy.   Perpetual motion toys and electronic moving toys are best.

Catnip and Catnip Toys

Feliway Calming Scents and Plug-Ins

Two Items that are a NO COST way to donate:
1. Used Peanut Butter Jars (not cleaned)
2.  Empty Gatorade Bottles
Both of these serve as enrichment tools for our animals.

Why should I adopt when I can get an animal for free?
Make Adoption your first Option!

Thank you to Pinnacle Cellular & Satellite
for choosing the DRHS as this month's recipient:

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