February 4, 2022
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Happy February! We hope your semester is going well and that you are continuing your pursuit of all things STEM! Get inspired with all of the STEM news the STEMINIST brings to you, as well as upcoming events, internships, and LOTS of links to scholarships. ⚛️
Exelon Foundation STEM Leadership Academy Applications are OPEN!
We are excited to announce that applications for the 5th annual summer Exelon Foundation STEM Leadership Academy are now open! 🙌

The 2022 Exelon STEM Leadership Academy is a free, week-long, residential* program for 10th and 11th grade girls interested in STEM to learn from women working in STEM and other leaders; 👩‍🔬 explore sustainability, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and climate change; 🌎 and connect with like-minded peers. 💡 The Academy concludes with an energy challenge and a chance to win great prizes! Each participant will also receive an iPad to use for Academy activities and to take home at the end of the week. 

Past Academy attendees, please share with your friends and teachers! Although you’re not eligible to attend as students, we enjoy continuing to see you at STEM Days.

Any interested students, educators, or parents are welcome to join us for a STEM Leadership Academy Information Session! These webinars will take place via Zoom on Wednesday, February 9th and Thursday, March 3rd from 4:30-5:15 p.m. CT/5:30-6:15 p.m. ET. Participants will be able to ask questions, hear from STEM Leadership Academy alumnae, and learn more about the summer Academy and the application. You can register for the February 9th session here and the March 3rd session here

*The 2022 Academy is being planned as a fully in-person experience. If public health recommendations dictate, the Academy may be held virtually. Applicants will be informed of any change to the program prior to accepting their position.
Don't miss our upcoming STEM Leadership Academy events!
February 16th- Career Chat with Dr. Rita Baranwal

Join the STEM Leadership Academy for a Career Chat with Dr. Rita Baranwal, a top woman in nuclear who has transformed the state of US nuclear energy policy! ⚛️

Dr. Baranwal the Chief Nuclear Officer and VP of Nuclear at Electric Power Research Institute. She is the former Assistant Secretary for the Office of Nuclear Energy. Students will get to ask questions about Dr. Baranwal's education, career, being a woman in STEM, and more!
February 26th- Exploring Nuclear Energy with Hands-On Activities

Ever wonder what happens inside a nuclear reaction? Join us for a fun, hands-on, interactive session where we’ll delve into the chemistry of nuclear energy, learn about how a nuclear power plant operates, and how nuclear technology is used outside the energy field. ⚡ All attendees will receive hands-on materials for the session in advance. Register by February 7th!
American Nuclear Society
The American Nuclear SocSiety supports more than 50 college students each year through its Scholarship Program, awarding more than $140,000 annually. Applications for the 2022–2023 academic year are now available, and all ANS student members are encouraged to apply. Recipients will be awarded between $1,000 and $5,000, based on merit and financial need.

Check out Before You Apply for guidance throughout the application process. Completing the General Scholarship Application qualifies students for consideration for more than 24 ANS scholarships.

Students applying for the Incoming Freshman Scholarship or participating in a two-year associate degree program must submit their applications by April 1.
For more information, contact the ANS scholarship coordinator.

March Career Chat about the Electric Grid
What is the Electric Grid you ask???

Join us on March 2nd at 4:30pm CT/5:30pm ET to find out how electricity gets from where it is generated to where it is needed to run your phone charger, your refrigerator, your Electric Vehicle, your school, etc.

Electricity travels on the Grid and that system needs to be durable, reliable, flexible and increasingly innovative. Come meet four women who make sure the Grid is all those things; they’ll describe their jobs, how they got them and how you can get into this type of interesting work. Our speakers are:

  • Avarie Hansen, Senior Distribution Systems Operator at ComEd
  • Mahavish Mahmood, General Engineer in Capacity Planning at ComEd
  • Nikol Reed, Senior Engineer in Strategic Planning at ComEd
  • Gisela Sosa, Senior Engineer in Renewable Energy at ComEd
STEM Gems Summit: Women Empowering Girls
Stephanie Espy did a Career and Book Chat for STEM Leadership Academy at the beginning of the school year. Check out her website, she has a one day conference you might be interested in attending.

Espy is thrilled to announce the sponsors for this year's STEM Gems Summit: Women Empowering Girls on March 19! 

The 2022 STEM Gems Summit will take place virtually on Saturday, March 19, 2022. This annual event brings together girls, parents, educators, and mentors and exposes them to a wide range of STEM careers underrepresented by women. Attendees meet inspiring women in STEM, learn about their unique career journeys, and understand what it takes to pursue STEM careers.
Work hard. Be brave. Stay curious. Be a STEM Gem!
Stephanie Espy
Scholarships, scholarships, and more scholarships!
Are you, or anyone you know, interested in the hydropower industry? This scholarship is for you!

All materials, including transcript must be emailed to juliekeilfund@hydrofoundation.org, by April 15.
List of Scholarships
If you're a current high school or college student, it's time to take advantage of scholarships to pay for college! We've compiled a list of scholarships to share with our students. These include scholarships specifically for STEM students, scholarships from Exelon operating companies and partners, and other external scholarships. ⬇️ 
Fermi Labs' 2022 Virtual Family Open House:
February 9-13
Fermilab is going to open their house ... in your house! They are offering five days of online events and activities that you can join from wherever you are! Recordings of events will be posted! The virtual Family Open House is co-supported by Fermilab Friends for Science Education. This is a free event. The 2022 event schedule's On-Demand content is added daily. Check back often for updates!
Exelon STEM Academy Virtual Visit with Fermilab
What are we made of? How did the universe begin? What secrets do the smallest, most elemental particles of matter hold, and how can they help us understand the intricacies of space and time? 
Since 1967, Fermilab has worked to answer these and other fundamental questions and enhance our understanding of everything we see around us.

Join Exelon STEM Academy on March 17th at 4:30pm CT/5:30pm ET to meet scientists and/or engineers from Fermilab, one of the Department of Energy's laboratories, who will describe what a DOE lab is and the projects that they and other others participate in at Fermilab. Participants will be able to interact with these ladies during the question and answer segment of the event.
February 11 International Day of Women and Girls in Science
The United Nations have proclaimed February 11 the International Day of Women and Girls in Science aiming to ensure full and equal access to and participation in science for women and girls.
The resolution was adopted by the UN General Assembly on December 22, 2015.
Aims to End Bias
"On this International Day, I urge commitment to end bias, greater investments in science, technology, engineering and math education for all women and girls as well as opportunities for their careers and longer-term professional advancement so that all can benefit from their ground-breaking future contributions," said UN Secretary-General, António Guterres.
Fewer Women in Science
According to a UN study from 14 countries, the probability for female students graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in science is 18%, while the male equivalent is 37%.
The resolution states that women continue to be excluded from participating fully in the economy even though representing half of the world's population and that women have a vital role to play and a right to participate in sustainable development policies, programs, and decision-making at all levels.
STEM Global Changemakers Academies
STEM Global Changemakers Academies is now accepting applications for the 2022 study abroad program year. The program is open to students age 15 – 17.5, in 14 countries including the US.  Applications close February 29, 2022.

Scholars will earn a certificate in social impact from AFS and UPenn, and attend a 4 week all expenses paid study abroad experience in one of 5 host countries. It truly is an opportunity of a lifetime.
Apply for the 2022 NEED Youth Energy Leadership Award!
Speaking of scholarships for STEM students... apply for the NEED Youth Energy Leadership Award! The NEED Project recognizes student leadership by awarding the Youth Energy Leadership Award each year. Up to two $1,500 awards will be granted for use for college, university or technical school tuition and expenses to deserving students who have demonstrated outstanding energy leadership, knowledge, and an interest in continuing their energy studies for the purpose of seeking a career in energy, STEM, or education. ⚛️ Each year, at least one award will be given to a student who plans to enter the energy field or public service related to energy. Graduating high school seniors or current first or second year college, university or technical school students are eligible to apply. Apply by April 30th!
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