"Balance is an inner expression of the outer world. It takes time and dedication to learn how to hold your own."
June 1, 2019

Hello gorgeous! Sunshine and fresh air are looking profoundly good on you. I encourage everyone to keep enjoying those divine moments with mother earth all summer long. I can sense your radiant happiness and glow from here.

A special hello to all the new recipients of my monthly newsletter. If this is the first time having received this publication, it is likely because you took part in my SOULworks Anniversary draw. Congratulations to the winning two: Linda Ingram received a one-day private workshop valued at $425 and Kerri Neufeldt received a $50 gift certificate. Congratulations and thank you to everyone who helped me celebrate.

I was enjoying the give-away so much that I decided to continue with a new opportunity this summer. I call it... Crystals - the Best Preservatives EVER! Test out your intuitive, mathematical or guessing skills with SOULworks summer special. Identify the number of crystals in the jar for a chance to win the entire selection. Prize value is over $500. Any purchase in the store or a private session with myself provides you with the opportunity to enter.

Also new this month is the SOULworks online store. For those who can't always make it to Saskatoon but are looking for some high vibrational crystals and energy tools, you can now shop online for the perfect SOULworks signature collection. Check it out. More to be added soon.

p.s. Life loves you. Love life back.

Much love and blessings,

Lauren Heistad
Inspiration and Guidance by Lauren Heistad
It is Not About You

This month’s common theme that continues to surface has me reaching out to remind you of a few basic facts. First and foremost, the world is evolving, and we are each individually and collectively responsible for that expanded awareness. However, I beg you to remember that the only person you are completely responsible for is you and your own energetic soul signature. Beyond that, we can only offer moral support, mutual respect, and understanding to all others.

There are so many lightworkers out there who fear they are not doing enough, being enough, or supporting others enough. They feel the weight of the world on their shoulders and often believe they must figure it all out now. Find their path. Chart the way. Be seen and heard before they can make any significant difference in this orbiting synchronicity of a world. It is like they believe everyone is in a waiting pattern holding their breathe for them to come out and speak their truth or follow their heart. And that without being seen or heard, the world is doomed to failure.

Funny thing, this world. It actually keeps moving forward with or without us being seen or heard. And…moment of truth here…it is not about you or anyone else reaching others on a global scale. It is about fully being the living embodiment of source potential on a personal one. So perhaps do yourself a favor and take the weight of the world off your shoulders.

You do you and I’ll do me and together we will change the world, one enlightened moment at a time. Besides, it is really the behind the scenes stuff that truly makes a positive impact on ourselves and all those around us. It is about becoming the best individual expression of source that we can be without losing ourselves in the oneness of all things. Balance is an inner expression of the outer world. It takes time and dedication to learn how to hold your own. Know we are intricately connected but also know we are all unique and equal contributors to the whole. The important part: being conscious of how we as individuals are contributing.

How do we consciously co-create you ask? I offer you advise from an earlier Facebook post I made just this week.

Dear Bringers of the Light (in myself and all others),

Well, it has certainly been a while, but I stayed true to my promise to return to my writings. My timing brings forth a pep talk because I know you are perhaps feeling frustrated and confused with your progress. Make no mistake my friends, your thoughts, words, and actions are most certainly creating a stir of change and beautiful transformation within yourself and all others.

As you rise above your own fears, you help lift the vibration of oppression from the planet.

As you strive to be kind to yourself and all others, you echo a new song of hope and endurance across the ages.

While you learn to trust that deeper wisdom from within, you rewrite many of the old untruths still being whispered.

As you rise up each and every day with your dreams still intact, you plant the seeds of new possibilities for the whole of humanity.

As you courageously face your own demons day after day, you gain momentum into transcending old thoughts, beliefs, and ancestral patterns. Like a clean up crew, you are bringing truth and healing to the surface.

While you acknowledge the divine soul in all people, the divine soul within all people continues to awaken.

As your soul potential continues to strengthen in both light and resolve, we dance together like the northern lights upon the darkness of the world, daring the shadows to awaken to the power of love.

As you rise into your heart centre and find your true voice, darkness fades into the background like a piece of the past soon to be forgotten. Good riddens, I say. That and well done my friends. Well done. There is no denying there is a new sheriff in town. For those who are new to this soulful adventure, we call it love. Welcome home.

Bringer of the Truth


SOULworks School of Enlightenment and other Events by Lauren Heistad

Introducing the NEW SOULworks Series:

How much do you trust in our divine potential????? All classes are co-created by Spirit, your Higher Self, the Teacher (Lauren Heistad), and all others who are guided to activate, evolve and master their own unique SOULworks and divine signature. With never two workshops being alike, the topics and exercises are custom tailored to the group and will intuitively progress to meet the needs and interests of the participants.   Pick a Level, a Date, and then just trust in the process.​

Activating your SOULworks : Are you ready to activate your soul potential? Trust in your own divine guidance and sixth senses? Surrender in full faith in your ability to expand your awareness? …then this class is for you!

Fall Class Date Options:

Classes are $225 + GST per day and are stand alone courses. 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Evolving your SOULworks: Are you ready to evolve your soul potential? Trust in your divine connection to all things? Surrender in full faith to your ability to create change? …then what are you waiting for?!!

Fall Class Date Options:

Classes are $225 + GST per day and are stand alone courses. 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Mastering your SOULworks: Are you ready to take your soul development to a new level? Trust in your infinite potential and conscious co-creating ability? Surrender in full faith to your path and the path of all others? …then stand up, it is time for change!

Fall Class Date Options:

Classes are $225 + GST per day and are stand alone courses. 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

*** Private SOULworks Classes (Any Level, Any Topic)
This offering includes One-Day and Multi-Day teachings. Topics are customized to your spiritual development. Areas of study can include psychic development, energy healing, mediumship, soul path clarity, and confidence building in any and all areas of spiritual development. Various levels of awareness are welcome, with the class content being tailored to your own individual goals and needs.Dates for classes range from Tuesday to Saturday and will be organized once registration is received. 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Cost: $425 / day.

The SOULworks School of Enlightenment provides a safe, informative platform from which to activate, evolve and master your own SOULworks. Tapping into her 35+ years of experience in the field of spiritual encounters and soulful expansion, Lauren Heistad utilizes this time to teach, inspire, support, and help all those seeking to develop their intuitive capacity and divine connection to all that is. Her classes reveal what others may consider mysteries, and provides assistance to all those who are seeking true, authentic enlightenment: body, mind and soul.

​Lauren is a firm believer that the world is waking up to our expansive soul potential. It is her goal to help people understand their abilities and the changes they are currently experiencing, both internally as well as externally. She is a strong proponent that our world can be a better place, and that we can each learn how to consciously co-create a more peaceful existence with compassion, love, and higher understanding. Lauren strives to teach people by expanding their awareness on what is possible and encourages society to harness their inner ability to create positive change.

For a full listing of all events housed within SOULworks, please visit the Calendar of Events.
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Homebase and inner sanctuary to enlightenment teacher, author and healer Lauren Heistad, the SOULworks Sacred Healing Centre is a modern day spiritual facility designed to help people experience and expand their own connection to Spirit. The Centre houses Lauren's personal Intuitive Healing and Mentorship practice, her  SOULworks School of Enlightenment , and her unique mystical store called the  SOULworks Love and Light Emporium , all for the purpose of offering spiritually based products and services.

Visit this beautiful space to take part in one-on-one sessions, workshops, inspirational speaking, soulful shopping, and much more. 

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