“To all the women out there: You Have a Big Role!”
Jwanna Hanania
"Your role doesn’t stop at marriage and children. It is way bigger than that. So stand up, take a step and change your life."

The Significance of the Olive Tree in Palestine
For every Palestinian, the olive tree symbolizes permanence and resistance. It connects them back to their ancestors who worked daily on their land, taking care of it, just as a mother taking care of her children. 
Bible Live:
Mount Gerizim
Mount Gerizim in Nablus, the Mount of Blessings! We must remember that we can only receive God's blessings when we follow His way, and we lose those blessings when we deny His guidance.

Discover Central Highlands
From Bethlehem to Jerusalem, to Galilee, and reaching into Judea and Samaria, we took participants to discover the Holy Land and walk the steps of Jesus.

Dr. Bishara - A Global Peacemaker
Listen to our beloved founder, Dr. Bishara Awad, a global peacemaker, speaking about the importance of joining the Peace Institute at Bethlehem Bible College.

Christmas is almost on the horizon!
Of all the Christmas decorations available in the world, the most popular is the traditional Nativity set, depicting the beloved Holy Family.

Who would not want a Nativity Set, knowing that it is carved in Bethlehem, where Jesus was born?  Read more!
Interested in how your journey can add to global peace?
Want to be a part of peacemaking in a land torn by conflict?
Desire to learn more from dynamic Holy Land Christian peacemakers?

Register now to join us beginning January 24th for our second 14-week online course for audit or credit entitled Introduction to Peacemaking and Justice 2.
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  • October 5th marked Teachers’ Day, so please lift up our faithful and dedicated faculty members who have been serving their students and bolstering the growth of the College.

  • Our country continues to go through a wave of violence. People are being killed, trees are being uprooted and homes are being demolished. While many keep asking God, “How long?” we keep our faith in Him and lift our prayers for peace to prevail in our homes and country.

  • October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so please pray for healing for those battling cancer, and for the families and friends of those who have lost loved ones to breast cancer.