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It's Time for a Change!

Hello Albert,

I've been learning and teaching social media and email marketing approaches for 13 years. I've been teaching these in 2.5 hour long deep dives, recently. Partly this is to see if I enjoy doing this - I do. And, partly to see if there is a market for my seminars - there is.

I am offering my deep dives on March 20th and April 11th. These cost $129.

After these two offerings, I plan to raise my price for this class significantly. So, get 'em while they're hot.

I turn 60 in May - so, happy birthday to me!

Speaking of which - one of my favorite parts of using Constant Contact is the birthday autoresponder. If you'd like to receive an annual email from me on your birthday - reply with your birth date. I promise it's fun. This is year 4! You'll be joining 850 happy people. This is the most opened email of mine - by far. We all like celebrating our birthdays.

PS - One thing that's been helping me get through this pandemic is Radio - I highly recommend their mellow station. And World/Eclectic.

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