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"Thinking of You" Week
TOY postmark

Have you seen this special little postmark on any of your mail? I hadn't even paid attention until I read that this is "Thinking of You" week and that the USPS has decided to add this sweet little postmark on all first class mail during the whole month of September.
TOY BlessingRings
So what is "Thinking of You" week? First launched in the UK, it's a week set aside to create awareness of the positive impact a greeting card can have on the recipient – especially when it is unexpected. Think about how special it is to receive an envelope in the mail with your name hand-addressed on the outside. It's a physical connection. Yes, it's different than being there in person, but still like a hug in your hand.
TOY RedHearts

We all would appreciate any and all check-ins right now. And these are really cute cards, right? They could really brighten the day for someone you haven't had the chance to see for a while. The fact that you would spend time choosing a card, writing in it and sending it - what a warm, positive boost!
TOY TinyAnimals

Beyond cards, this got us thinking about other sweet little things in our store that would let others know you are thinking of them. Some to slide into cards and mail - like the "Blessing Rings" shown above. Some to tuck into a little bag with a card and be dropped on a doorstep.
Ready to share some "Thinking of You" kind words or little gifts? These cards and gift suggestions are all available in our Brookside store, but not online. Stop in and we'll be glad to help. Need to shop from a distance? Give us a call - 816-361-2500. We're glad to gather up a group of cards or gifts and send them on their way to you. Let's all take some time to say, "I'm thinking of you."
TOY CarCharms
TOY WorryDolls
Shopping -
what's new to shop online & in store?
Feeling the loss of the strong voice of Ruth Bader Ginsburg? We are and we're hearing it from customers too. Then we opened a just-arrived box and the faces of many strong women appeared. A different way to honor RBG and others who have spoken truth, and we still feel their inspiration. Click on the picture above or click here to see all our thoughtful socks from Maggie Stern.
What a visual feast of happiness! We just received more of our favorite children's sweaters from Peru. All hand-knitted and then appliqued and embroidered with animals and sunshine and clouds and raindrops and mountains. Click on the picture above or here to see all the colors and sizes. Do you remember when we journeyed to learn about these sweaters? Click here to travel back for another visit.
Kei and Molly Dish Towels also arrived this week. The new "Vineyard" towel is perfect for fall. Venturing out to a local vineyard and sitting outside to enjoy the changing colors of our landscape is a perfect get-away. We've also restocked many other towel designs including the "Book Lovers" towel that sold so quickly. Click on the picture above or here to see all designs. These towels also make lovely "Thinking of You" gifts.
Have you used your "Fall Shopping Splurge" coupon yet?
From now through Sunday, October 18 (that's almost a WHOLE month!), you can shop to your heart's content and declare it "MY DAY!." We'll take 20% off ALL your purchases that day. Well, almost all*. But you can only use it one time/one day, so get your special day jotted on your calendar. You don't want to miss it!

Have fun exploring the store, trying on fashions, thinking ahead about holiday gifts. Take as much time as you like. We'll give you as much or as little help as you want. Then just show us this "coupon" (or click here to print it) and we'll gladly take 20% off your lovely choices* and celebrate your shopping splurge with you. It's just for you!
*Coupon discount eligible on full-price, non-consignment items. All discounted items are a final sale. No returns, please, as you enjoy this great discount. And remember that we're still closed on Mondays.
"Why are you closed on Mondays?" We hear this question often. Due to continued COVID challenges, we are making the best decisions we can with consideration of what is healthiest for our staff, our business, and for you, our customers. For right now that still includes staying closed on Mondays and we ask for your continued patience and understanding as we navigate this unusual time. 

Have a wonderful week! If it includes shopping at World's Window, be sure to bring along your VIP coupon (above) in print or on your phone. We just received more wonderful tunic tops from Jess & Jane that we're sure you'll love.

We thank you for your continued shopping support. And I can't say it enough times - YOU are an important part of what makes World's Window so special! THANK YOU!

Thinking of you.
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