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Clearwater Ponds Water Garden Party May 14th - 18th
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We want to Welcome you to our
Water Garden Party!! 
May 14-18th, 2015

Long Weekend Store Hours:

Thursday & Friday: 9-5
Saturday: 10-4
Sunday : 10-4
Monday: 10-4

You know where we are...
2-755 Griffith Court, Burlington
off Fairview behind Pioneer Pools
Fish and Plants Bursting with Life and Beauty...
Ready for their New Pond Home!

Water Garden Party Specials!!

Water Lettuce or Hyacinth 3 for $12.00
Variety of Shallow Marginals $8.95 each

Hand picked, quarantined and ready for your pond...

Little Shubunkins take home 3 for $15.99
Bright Red Comets take home 3 for $24.99
Premium Koi 3"-4" take home 3 for $ 29.99
Beautiful Butterfly koi take home 3 for $54.99
Larger koi available too!

We have been able to get more of the Aquascape Pond and Landscape (Gen. 1)  LIGHT KITS
ON SALE for $79.95 (MSRP $119.98) *while supplies last
  • Pre-Wired for Simple Install
  • Can be used underwater or as part of your landscape
  • Energy Efficient
  • 3 LED 1 Watt lights, transformer and auto photocell all in the kit
  • 3 year warranty
The Pond Squad Expert Recommendations for Helping Control Algae
Award Winning Pond Balance

 String Algae is a problem that affects most ponds, the rapid growing filamentous stringy algae can spoil the appearance of your pond. It will also clog pumps and filtration equipment. Pond Balance makes key nutrients unavailable to algae preventing string algae and horse hair algae and blanketweed from forming. 

  • Not a algeacide
  • Will not harm plants.
  • Locks out nutrients string algae needs.
  • Naturally balances a pond
  • Granular Easy to Apply

Water Garden Party 
Save 10% on this product

D-Solv Pond Cleaner
Deep Cleans Rocks, Waterfalls and Streams

This product will help remove algae in minutes!

Works best as a spot treatment for eliminating algae from waterfalls, simply turn off your pump, sprinkle D-Solv on the areas with algae and let it sit for 15-20 minutes then turn your pump back on.  

  • Works on contact
  • Uses the power of oxygen
  • Non-Toxic to fish

Water Garden Party 
Save 10% on this product
Aquascape's IonGen 2

The IonGen™ effectively kills algae without the use of traditional liquid chemicals and is designed with a microprocessor that sends a signal to its ion producing probe helping to control algae throughout the entire water feature.
  • Drastically reduces pond maintenance
  • Can be used on ponds or pondless waterfalls.
  • Can be installed by the homeowner or have The Pond Squad install for you!


Water Garden Party
Save 10% on this product!
*installation not included
Pond Kit
add a free Light Kit!*
Want to Build a Pond Yourself?

Take the guess work out of building your own water feature.  The Aquascape Ecosystem Pond Kit has everything you need in the box, except rock and labour. 
Kit includes, skimmer,filter, AquaSurge 2000 pump, hose, liner, underlayment and fittings.

8x11 Pond Kit MSRP $1099.98 NOW $934.98

Plus...Generation 1 Light Kit MSRP $119.99  
NOW FREE with kit purchase!

*Offer Expires May 18th, 2015.  Light Kit is generation 1
The Pond Squad Expert Plant Tips
Want Larger, Brighter & Faster Blooms?
Microbe-Lift Bloom & Grow is one of our best selling products, "liquid gold" as some clients say.  This product is an Aquatic Plant Supplement.  Specially formulated to promote larger, brighter, faster blooms as well as healthier roots.   Phosphate free and safe for your pond.

Did you know your pond plants should be repotted right after purchase?

Lilies like to grow horizontally, so choose a shallow wide container, like the Aquascape Aquatic Lily Planter.  
Pond Plant Potting Media is a soil harvested from sediment deposits found in lakes and streams.  This soil helps to properly hold and anchor pond plants. 

NEW:  Aquascape Pond Squad
This episode Aquascape Pond Squad installs a unique Pondless Waterfall for Casa Hagar orphanage in Cabo San Lucas.  Enjoy the children's smiles!