I’ve received numerous phone calls from woodworkers who are making old handplanes work like new. Their planes may look worn out but they only need a good going over to improve them. It’s not just because these woodworkers are handy, it’s because like me they hate waste, and want to keep tools on the bench for years (and years) to come. Most of us small, independent hand toolmakers are trying to offer tools that will meet the demands of such foresighted – and often creative! - woodworkers. 

You probably know that we live and work near The Krenov School here in Fort Bragg, California. We meet and watch many woodworking students each year as they progress, become more skilled and fluent in their craft. Lucinda Daly is one such student. Now into the last semester of her second year at The Krenov School, this sixty-six-year-old, retired school teacher is headed toward a new career as a custom-maker of fine furniture. It seems that Lucinda has not stopped teaching, as her embrace of a new adventure into her senior years is both a lesson and an inspiration.

Linda’s worked up another list of workshops that recommend or use Hock Tools, or are about caring for and sharpening woodworking handtools. This list goes through June 2019 and includes workshops in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia, which makes me think of the lyric, “All around the world, rock-and-roll is here to stay!”

Of course, if there’s anything you need from Hock Tools, please let me know.