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Advocates for Awareness

On April 10th and 11th, the FH Foundation welcomed fifteen new FH Advocates to our Advocates for Awareness program, dedicated to raising awareness of all forms of familial hypercholesterolemia (FH).


Mackenzie Ames - FH Advocate for Awareness
Mackenzie Ames - FH Advocate for Awareness

These volunteers spent two days at the training workshop in Pasadena, California learning about the science of FH from medical experts, getting an overview of the FH Foundation's programs, and preparing to tell their personal stories effectively to raise awareness of FH.

These inspiring group of Advocates are all living with heterozygous or homozygous FH, and many have children affected by FH. Their lives have been deeply affected by this life-threatening genetic condition, which is commonly undiagnosed and pervasively undertreated.  They have dedicated themselves to making sure more families have the chance to prevent early heart disease with early diagnosis and effective treatment of FH.

It's All About Action

The Advocates left Pasadena inspired to change the status quo. They join our team of Advocates working on behalf of everyone living with FH.

FH Advocates for Awareness are:
  • Raising awareness on social media
  • Appearing at FDA hearings about the need for more treatments
  • Participating in Grand Rounds lectures and medical conferences
  • Delivering FH brochures to doctors' offices
  • Sharing their personal FH stories
  • Wearing their FH Foundation t-shirt at local 5K races
  • Raising much-needed funds for the FH Foundation 

   -  FH Advocate for Awareness

FH is different, life-threatening, under diagnosed, but manageable. All it takes is awareness to change the future for families living with FH. This is a monumental task before us, and we cannot do it without the help of the FH Community. The FH Foundation would like to thank our Advocates and other volunteers for all that they do. If you would like to join us to raise awareness of FH, click here to learn more about the Advocates for Awareness Program and other ways you can get involved. 


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