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Imperative 6
To be effective in educating students, running quality programs, and imparting information, good communication is important for any school. This communication involves both internal and external communities and allows for conduits that go both ways.
It might be easy to assume that everyone throughout Acadiana knows about Westminster; after all, we've been around for almost 40 years now! However, I'm convinced that far too many know far too little about Westminster and what makes this a special place. We need to make sure that everyone knows of the amazing things God does through Westminster every day along with proclaiming the incredible benefits of a Westminster experience.
This is why it is so important for us to make it easy for YOU to share with others about the amazing experiences of our students. Westminster is a unique and special place and we want as many people to know that as possible.
With everything we desire to disseminate to our internal and external communities, we must also have avenues to hear from them. Internally, we have already been conducting surveys with parents, students, and staff. In fact, in our accreditation process, we will be regularly using some surveys designed by AdvancED and used in other schools. These instruments, along with other modes of communication, will help to better inform us about the opinions and thoughts of our internal community. We also make efforts to involve ourselves in the local communities through the Chamber of Commerce, community events, service projects, and service clubs. This involvement greatly enhances our knowledge and understanding of the local communities and how we fit into the equation of making Acadiana a better place.
Lastly, we are working diligently toward a solution that will be a giant step forward in our ability to communicate everything that is needed to parents, students, and staff. Currently, I know that parents and others must utilize a variety of online and paper solutions to properly gather necessary information. It can be cumbersome at times. We recognize the need for a more streamlined and easily accessible source of all information. We are working toward this and hope to accomplish this goal over the next year. Look for more details and timelines in the near future.
I hope you can recognize our sincere desire to be good partners with our internal and external communities. God has sovereignly placed us in Acadiana to fulfill His purposes here. In doing so, we want to follow His lead in working well with all of the people who make Westminster great as well as the people we serve in all of Acadiana.

Parent Portal
The parent portal on our school website is an important source of information. You will find quick links to the school calendar, summer camps, and supply lists. We also feature our live Facebook feed where you can keep up with everything Westminster. 
We are excited to announce that our school is offering online school supplies through ClassBundl for the upcoming school year! You can simply search our school, select your student's classroom, and have their supplies bundled for the new school year. Plus, each purchase earns 5% cash back to our school to fund projects. You can order supplies with just a few clicks at  ClassBundl.com/Order.

Mr. Scott Davis
Head of School
Westminster Christian Academy

" A man who has lived in many places is not likely to be deceived by the local errors of his native village: the scholar has lived in many times and is therefore in some degree immune from the great cataract of nonsense that  pours from the press and the microphone of his own age."  - C.S. Lewis The Weight of Glory