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It's All About Relationships (Holiday Message)

I hope you are not reading this on Christmas Day!  But if you are, I will keep this short to allow you to get to more important things.


The last 2 weeks of December are an odd time for people on the revenue generation side of businesses (aka Sales, Business Development, Deal Makers, etc.).  For most businesses, it's the last 2 weeks of the business year and the pressure to make the quarterly number and/or the annual number or close that deal are intense.


At the same time, pressures from family and loved ones to disconnect from work are intense.  And the fact that every work team has someone on vacation on the third week or fourth week of December, or both, does not help productivity.  And if you are doing business across the world, it's even more tricky.  Sure, with laptops and smart phones it does not matter if people are at work.  Not true, things slow down still and everything is more complicated.  


How do you get through it? Rely on your relationships.  

At work, there are people you can count on that will go the extra mile to get the project done now, get the contract out today, stay an extra hour or respond to an email from the other side of the globe in the middle of the night.  In your business network, there are people on the other side of the phone or email, who will process the invoice today, sign the contract now, review the proposal today, because you asked.  And at home, there are people who will forgive you (again) for a promise half-kept to really disconnect.


That's who you can count on.


Our Team at Reachable understands that we are here because you, our clients, users, collaborators and friends went the extra mile for us, encouraged us and contributed to our successes.  So, Thank YOU!


Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!



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Reachable helps individuals and enterprises leverage all their networks to increase revenues and business productivity.  Reachable identifies the best connectors in your personal networks or enterprise networks to the companies and people you need to reach.  Reachable achieves this by consolidating all your contacts into one single cloud-based rolodex and boosting its power by connecting it to a massive connections database.  TeamReach allows an individual or an enterprise to create or join private contact networks of trusted colleagues to increase the number of networks that you can tap into for leads and connections. 

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