It's All About Respect!
Georgia is now open for business within a pandemic. To demonstrate respect, it requires us to follow safety protocols for our ourselves, our neighbors, and community. This is the same idea for driver safety and the pandemic. By being respectful and courteous in our everyday driving, we reduce the chances of traffic collisions. By creating space between us and other drivers (a type of social distancing), we reduce the likelihood of injury or death. By wearing our seat-belts (like wearing a mask), we reduce the likelihood of coming in contact with the steering wheel and windshield. Our goal is to continue to maintain safety protocols for driving and Covid-19. We do this out of respect for our customers, team and community. 
DDS Road Testing:
Even though the Governor has instituted a short term policy of not requiring a driver test, parents need to think twice – or at least 3 times. If a parent allows their new driver to obtain a license without testing, it is like receiving a participation badge. It was not earned. Obtaining a license is not just participation in a course or riding around. It is an earned level of skill achieved by structured lessons, and practiced tasks. Upon achievement of a certain level of skill, the student is granted the privilege of driving by obtaining a driver’s license.

Road Testing is important to parents, students, and our community to make sure new drivers can meet at least the minimum standard to drive. Driving instructors and Department of Driver Services, (DDS) examiners have been trained to spot trouble spots and provide appropriate feedback. The examiner is an impartial person not swayed by teenager’s overall excitement of getting a license.

Most of A Driving Advantage’s students have been well trained; however, there are a few we recommend need to practice more or take more lessons. Based on the executive order, those students identified as at risk without more practice, could get a license without being tested. This must be a concern for everyone! To obtain a license without testing demonstrates a lack of respect for the risk involved in driving and our community. The only bright spot in this executive order ---- it's short termed.

There are several additional concerns for parents:
1.     New teenage drivers are on their parent’s insurance policy; therefore, if they injury or kill someone, the parents will be held liable. For the rest of the new driver’s life, this will remain a liability for them. Even after they become an adult, a prosecutor or an attorney in a civil case, may use this detail against them in ligation involving a traffic collision.
2.     It is also our understanding legislation will be introduced to counteract this executive order and require re-testing. If that is the case, anyone that needs to be re-tested will be required to take an additional 6 hours of driving. It makes much more sense both dollar and peace of mind to follow the original process of taking driver’s education, practicing and then be road tested by a professional.
3.     To drive without the proper instruction or license shows a lack of respect and is like giving a loaded gun to a young person without proper training or license. We all need to be diligent to protect our community whether we are talking about the Coronavirus or driver safety.
Safety Protocols:
We have instituted Safety Protocols that may continue until their is a vaccine for Covid-19. Please support us as we follow polices recommended by the CDC, OSHA and other regulatory agencies. The policies will help keep our students and our team safe. 

Driving Lessons:
A Driving Advantage will start behind the wheel driving lessons on May 11, 2020. We are super excited to get back to the job we were built for - Driver Training. Safety and Respect will remain our top priority. We will start with completing students that only have 2 – 4 hours of driving remaining prior to testing. We will then follow up with students that have signed up for courses prior to May 11. If you need to finish up your driving, please call us to get on the schedule. If you need a full course, check out our schedule of courses and register.
Summer Courses:
A Driving Advantage will continue with virtual course offerings and offer limited spaced in-house courses. Based on social distancing requirements, our live in-house courses will allow 10 students at a time. We have virtual courses available with more space available. It is imperative to sign up early to make sure you have a seat reserved. Those that sign up prior to June 1, will have priority seating.
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