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RuppAir's DOAS Now with CASLink Monitoring
Backed by 50 years of ventilation expertise, the Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS) by RuppAir offers exceptional energy savings, unprecedented comfort, and precise humidity control. RuppAir’s DOAS is the ideal HVAC solution for schools, hospitals, restaurants, grocery stores, hotel corridors, and any commercial application that requires conditioned outdoor air.
Key Features:
  • Modular Heating
  • Natural gas indirect fired furnace with constant 80% efficiency throughout modulation (90% high efficiency option available)
  • Propane, Heat Pump, and Electric Heat options available
  • Fully Modulating Hot Gas Reheat Coil (Optional)
  • Wide Indoor Coil Design. Up to 7-row coil allows for optimal compressor efficiencies, full conditioning of outdoor air, and moisture control. Staggered coil design reduces supply air bypass

And introducing...CASLink Complete System Control with 24/7 remote access, real-time alerts and continuous data analysis.

The Ultimate in Hybrid Dehumidification
Blending Ventilation and Cooling
Their Hybrid design provides the simplicity, reliability, and efficiency of ventilation-based dehumidification for indoor pools, plus a refrigeration circuit to provide air conditioning as required.

The Power of Natural Dehumidification
Typical pool dehumidifiers use a refrigeration circuit to cool air below its dew point and remove moisture, before reheating it and delivering it back to the space. While effective, it can also be desirable to use outdoor air to manage indoor humidity levels when the conditions are right. The Hybrid Series leverages the potential of dry outdoor air to accomplish dehumidification, while also incorporating a refrigeration circuit to provide sensible cooling that keeps the pool area comfortable.
What is a Virtual Wall?
Roberts Gordon has the Answer
Now, more than ever, the health and safety of commercial and industrial building occupants is paramount. Providing clean, fresh, conditioned air in these workspaces is critical to improving indoor air hygiene and controlling the spread of infection. In addition to ensuring IAQ, building owners and facility managers today are challenged with achieving energy efficiency, all while maintaining occupant comfort.

Roberts-Gordon and Rapid Engineering have a hybrid HVAC system, called VIRTUAL WALL. It combines Roberts-Gordon’s infrared heating systems with Rapid Engineering's make-up air systems.
Heating with infrared keeps the radiant heat focused in the heated area. Infrared heat warms people, floors and surrounding objects and not the air. It does not spread out or quickly disperse, thus behaving as if were a “Virtual Wall” even when overhead doors are open. This combination of fresh air, heating and zoned radiant heat delivers energy efficiency, air quality and comfort for large, open spaces with occupied and unoccupied areas.
The Readers Corner
From Field to Fridge
KoolJet manufactures chilling systems for multiple applications and systems, cooling down the most diverse processes, wineries, breweries, medical and many others. Updates:

Both offices have recently updated their line cards.

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