March 2020
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Dear Friends,

Spring has (almost) sprung, and we're already looking ahead to the fall and the 45th anniversary of Dressage at Devon.

Last year we introduced many new events including the Silent Auction and Diamonds, Denim and Dressage. This year promises to be even more exciting.

We know there has been a lot of uncertainty in our daily lives. But we're hard at work making 2020 the best year ever. Stay healthy and we'll see you in September!


Lori Kaminski
Dressage at Devon

PS - Mark your calendars for September 22 - 27, 2020!
Breeder Alert!

A Presentation of Sales Horses

Dressage at Devon is pleased to announce its first Presentation of Sales Horses, to be held Wednesday evening, September 23, in the Dixon Oval.

This is a truly unique opportunity for sellers to present their sale horses to a highly targeted audience and for buyers to see multiple, well-bred horses - all in one location.

The sale is open to any horse entered in the show and they will be clearly identified during the show. The entry fee of $50.00 per horse will include an on-line and printed color sales catalog.

We will let you know in late spring how to list your horse(s) and how to provide the information we will need for the catalog.

For Ponies Only!

Dressage at Devon is pleased to continue the popular Ponies Only Division in the Breed Show. As part of the National Dressage Pony Cup’s (NDPC) international network of Partner Shows, ponies can earn high-point ribbons at the event, as well as qualifying scores towards impressive NDPC year-end awards.

If the NDPC awards are not part of this years plans, you can still enter! Ponies of all ages and breeds are invited to participate in Dressage at Devon’s full roster of 17 pony-only classes that mirror the horse classes. 

Sponsor an IBC Class!

The Individual Breed Classes at Dressage at Devon have been a crowd pleaser for decades. From feathery Friesians to Hanovariens, Shagya Arabians, KWPN and Fjords, rare and popular breeds get their chance to show off in the Dixon Oval on September 22, 2020.

“More than 20 breeds will be spotlighted in the famous Dixon Oval. And once again, we will hold a Parade of Breeds in which the winners of each class are invited back for special awards,” said Melanie Sloyer, Breed Show Chair.

Breeders, breed associations and individuals who just love a particular are invited to sponsor a breed class. Make sure your favorite breed has its day in the sun!

For more information, contact Melanie Sloyer, Breed Show chair at

There is Lots Going on Behind the Scenes at Devon!!

  • Footings in rings will be redone in April
  • 80 reconstructed stalls in Valley Forge Road barns
  • New screenings in 160 stalls
  • Finished perimeter barn siding replacements
  • New storm water system at Devon Club entrance
  • Landscaping added
  • New roofs on 7 vendor sheds
  • New Roof on South Grandstand

Did You Know?
In 2019, there were 22 CDIs in the U.S. Dressage at Devon, of course, is one.

Thank you to our 2020 Sponsors
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